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Grand Bohemian Gallery to Host Several Artists for Spoleto Pop-Up Series



Grand Bohemian Gallery to Host Works by Kirsten Hoving, May 26-30, 2023

The Grand Bohemian Gallery Charleston will showcase three weeks’ worth of pop-up exhibitions with unique local artists to run parallel with the Spoleto Festival. You can learn more about each pop-up below:

The mini-series will open with Hirona Matsuda and Kirsten Hoving on Friday, May 26th and will continue through Tuesday, May 30th. There will be an artist reception on Saturday, May 27th from 4 pm to 6 pm.

Hoving is a photographer and multimedia artist from Charleston, SC, whose art balances on the  edge between fact and fiction. Hers is an art of transcendence, and she frequently combines photographs with unusual processes, materials, and presentations to evoke quiet dreams and half-remembered tales. Using unexpected viewpoints, three-dimensionality, and kinetic elements, she expands photography’s decisive moments into visionary states of wonder. Our imagination, she believes, is what makes us  human, and our ability to see the world through metaphors, stories, and poetic allusions connects our minds to our hearts.  

Matsuda is a sculptor and installation artist who communicates through immersive environments interpreted using objects. Her work is made from repurposed natural and found materials as well as mechanical components for kinetic and interactive sculpture. She has exhibited throughout the United States and has kept a studio in downtown Charleston since 2006. 

The second week of the mini-series will feature Liz Campbell and Billy Ellison. Their exhibition will run from June 2nd through June 6th. There will be an artist reception from 4 pm to 6 pm on Saturday, June 3rd.

Grand Bohemian Gallery to Host Works by Liz Campbell, June 2-6, 2023

Campbell is a contemporary artist from Clemson, South Carolina that creates Expressive Figurative  Art. After an intense 5-year struggle with chronic illness, Liz miraculously found her way back to health.  That’s when painting found her. Liz now spends her days painting in her studio in downtown Charleston,  SC. Her process is her therapy and the paintings are a result of the playful manner in which she creates.  

Ellison is Lowcountry fine art landscape photographer. As a Charleston native he has been exploring  and photographing the area for over 15 years. Having been self-taught, he seeks to capture the serene,  and at times dramatic imagery of the beloved Lowcountry. His award-winning work has been featured in  numerous publications and media outlets. He combines his love of woodworking by crafting his own  custom frames using wood he procures and mills from hurricane fallen trees.

The mini-series will close with Timothy Banks and Sarah White, who you may also know as Swhitey. Their exhibition will run from June 9th through June 13th. There will be an artist reception from 4 pm to 6 pm on Saturday, June 10th.

Grand Bohemian Gallery to Host Works by Billy Ellison, June 2-6, 2023

Timothy Banks is an artist and designer based in the beautiful city of Charleston, South Carolina. His  work transcends many artistic industries, although he specializes in illustration which he considers as a  narrative art form. 

Swhitey, a local artist in Charleston, is inspired by (but not limited to) sparkles, spikes, busy lines and  bizarre shapes, high saturation, prisms, gemstones, flowers (real & fake), sprinkles, and slime. She likes  for her work to incorporate a balance of skill (through depth, color placement, & detail) and effortlessness  (through loosely added textures & randomly placed lines/shape). She hopes her art and brand brings joy, light, and excitement to all whom encounter it. 

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