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Should You Answer Calls from Out of State?



With the increasing prevalence of spam and scam calls, many people are becoming more cautious about answering calls from unfamiliar numbers, particularly those originating from out of state. If you’re living in South Carolina and wondering whether you should answer calls from out of state, this blog post will provide you with helpful information and tips for handling such calls safely and effectively.

Recognising Out-of-State Calls

When you receive a call from an unfamiliar number, it can be challenging to determine whether it is a local or out-of-state call. You may find yourself asking, “who called me?” One way to identify out-of-state calls is by looking at the area code. For South Carolina, area codes include 803, 843, and 864. If the incoming call has an area code different from these, it is likely an out-of-state call.

Understanding Potential Risks

There are several reasons why you might receive out-of-state calls, ranging from legitimate businesses and acquaintances to spam callers and scammers. While many out-of-state calls are harmless, some may pose a risk. Scammers often use out-of-state numbers to deceive people into revealing personal information or falling for scams.

To protect yourself, it’s essential to be cautious when answering calls from unknown numbers, particularly if they are from out of state. If you’re unsure whether a call is legitimate, let it go to voicemail and then research the number online to determine if it’s associated with any known scams or businesses.

Using Caller ID Apps and Blocking Features

One way to minimise the risk of answering calls from out-of-state numbers is to use caller ID apps and the built-in blocking features on your smartphone. Apps like Truecaller and Hiya can help identify potential spam or scam calls, as well as provide information about the caller, such as the name of the person or company calling. Additionally, most smartphones have built-in call-blocking features that allow you to block specific numbers or automatically block calls from numbers not in your contacts.

If you receive a call from an out-of-state number that the caller ID app or your phone’s built-in features identify as potentially unsafe, it is best to let the call go to voicemail or block the number immediately.

Maintaining Caution and Protecting Your Information

Even if you decide to answer a call from an out-of-state number, it is essential to remain cautious and protect your personal information. Scammers and telemarketers often use various tactics to try to obtain sensitive information, such as posing as a representative from a bank or a government agency.

If the caller asks for personal information like your Social Security number, bank account information, or credit card details, do not provide it over the phone. Legitimate businesses and government agencies will never ask for this information during an unsolicited call. If you’re unsure about the legitimacy of the call, you can always hang up and contact the company or agency directly using a verified phone number from their official website.

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