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Ingevity Sponsors Full Year of Lowcountry Food Bank Fresh for All Events for Sixth Consecutive Year



Press Release

For the sixth consecutive year, Ingevity is sponsoring an entire year of monthly Lowcountry Food Bank (LCFB) Fresh for All events in 2023 with $42,000 in financial support. An Ingevity Fresh for All took place on May 2 at 65 Sycamore Avenue in West Ashley. In addition to their generous financial sponsorship, Ingevity employees also volunteer at the Fresh for All events every month, which gives them the opportunity to personally serve their community neighbors who face hunger. Events take place at the Sycamore Avenue location on the first Tuesday of every month.

Ingevity also supports LCFB’s annual Chefs’ Feast fundraiser gala and provides corporate matching for their employees who donate to LCFB. Since 2018, Ingevity has donated $459,000 to LCFB in support of the fight against hunger in the Lowcountry.

“Ingevity is a dedicated corporate partner that gives financially and with their hearts,” said Nick Osborne, Lowcountry Food Bank President and CEO. “Their generous commitment of financial and hands-on support makes an incredible impact for food-insecure children, families and adults in the Lowcountry with access to fresh, delicious produce.”

“No person, especially a child, should wonder when or where they’ll receive their next meal – which should include options to ensure a healthy lifestyle,” said Monifa Ellington, Ingevity Community Relations Manager. “Ingevity’s partnership with LCFB aligns with our philanthropic focus on human health and wellness. We’re passionate about creating equitable health outcomes for all residents in the communities where we operate. We began sponsoring Fresh for All produce distributions in 2017, but our partnership with LCFB precedes this date by many years.”

“We define our mission, vision and values through what we call The IngeviWay and being a positive influence in the community is clearly defined as our vision. We should all push up our sleeves to make the place we live and work better for everyone, not just ourselves,” said Ellington. Through its IngeviCares program, Ingevity has identified a sustainability goal of investing $6 million in the communities they operate between 2020 and 2025. “Our partnership with LCFB helps us achieve our goals and so much more.”

Many children and families in households with a low income throughout the Charleston area face devastating consequences associated with food insecurity and malnutrition due to lack of access to healthy food, especially fresh produce. To overcome barriers these neighbors face, such as a lack of transportation, high food costs and food deserts, LCFB works with its corporate partners, such as Ingevity, to conduct Fresh for All food distributions and provide healthy food close to home. Fresh for All events are farmer’s market-style food distributions that feature a variety of fresh produce choices that empower families and adults who experience food insecurity to choose, at no-cost, the type and quantity of produce that meets their needs.

Since poor nutrition can be the result of a lack of education about healthy eating, LCFB often offers food sampling and recipes for families to take home at Fresh for All events that include information about produce selection, preparation and storage tips.

LCFB continues to provide food to neighbors who experience food insecurity to alleviate hunger, including children and seniors, two especially vulnerable populations. In 2022, LCFB partnered with more than 240 food pantries, on-site meal programs, senior centers and shelters to distribute almost 40 million pounds of food, of which more than 40% was fresh produce, to 200,000 children, seniors and adults.

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