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Finding the Perfect Match: What to Look for When Selecting the Right Cam Girl



Every man has different ‘attributes’ when looking for the perfect webcam live girl.

These days, struggling to find someone seriously hot who meets all your preferred criteria isn’t an issue. Quite the opposite, as you’re more likely to find yourself spoiled for choice than coming up dry.

The truth is, playing the field is all part and parcel of the enjoyment of hooking up with cam girls. One of the best things about virtual dates is that you can go on as many of them as you like with as many different girls as you like. All with no shame, no consequences to worry about, and no strings attached.

But when setting yourself up for the cam girl experience of a lifetime, what should you look for in a date?

Irrespective of your tastes and preferences, the following six questions are worth considering before getting to business with an online cam girl:

1. Is the Site They Work for Reputable?

This is a big deal, as the best place to find reputable cam girls is via a reputable website. Not just this, but choosing a reputable and responsible cam girl site guarantees that the girls you hook up with are being treated right.

The last thing you want is that nagging sense of guilt that they’re being exploited on behalf of their provider, which sadly does happen with some of the shadier operators in the business. Look over the site they work for, see how they do business, and go with your gut.

2. Do They Offer the Services You Need?

Two points of importance here – the first is to (obviously) stick with those who offer the exact kinds of services you’re looking for. Every cam girl you encounter online will have a published bio indicating exactly the services they do and do not provide.

Secondly, never (ever) ask a cam girl to do something out of her comfort zone or isn’t clearly stated as something she offers. Doing so will just put both of you in a very uncomfortable position and make for a wholly awkward experience.

3. Is Their Fee Structure Clear?

Admittedly, the administrative and financial side of hooking up with cam girls can be a passion killer, which is precisely why it’s best to get it all out of the way as quickly as possible and to avoid any potential confusion or conflict.

Remember that these professionals provide a valued and important service, which needs to be paid for like any other. It’s your job to ensure you know exactly what she charges for the services she provides and the extent to which tipping is expected (which is pretty much mandatory, by the way).

4. What Are Their Interests?

Anyone who considers this extra doesn’t understand what virtual dating is all about. If you want to jack off to completion as quickly as possible, there’s no shortage of porn available.

With online dates, that’s exactly what you are taking part in – a virtual date between two (or sometimes more) people, where you get to know each other and enjoy one another’s company. Consequently, you’re guaranteed a far better time with a cam girl with whom you have at least something in common.

5. How Experienced Are They?

It’s up to you which way you go, but put yourself in a pair of experienced hands just once and…well, see what happens!

There is nothing wrong with a cam girl still getting to grips with how the whole thing works. There can be something quite endearing about a newcomer to the scene who’s just as curious (and perhaps even nervous) as you are.

At the same time, there’s much to be said for the veterans on the scene, who know better than anyone else on earth what mind-blowing good times are all about.

6. Do They Have Positive Feedback?

Last up, cam girls collect both positive and negative feedback for a broad range of reasons. Either way, those who don’t have a particularly rosy reputation may be best avoided.

As would be the case when paying for any other service, you may entrust your money to someone with a good reputation. See what others have to say about the cam girl you’re considering, and again let your gut be your guide.

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