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Studying Medicine at Cambridge



About Cambridge Medical School

Medicine is one of the most sought-after degree programs in Cambridge. Aside from being a highly professional and lucrative science course, medicine is highly enrolled in Cambridge because of the lofty standard it has become synonymous with. More so, it comes with a long-term value that opens doors to career opportunities and job satisfaction.

The teaching of medicine in Cambridge dates back to 1540 when Henry VIII  endowed the University’s first professor of physics, Dr. John Blyth. In 1976 at the recommendation of the Royal Commission of Education, a complete medical course was re-established.

Teaching and studying medicine at Cambridge entails a series of lectures, practical classes, and discussions. The pedagogical processes are rigorous and designed to educate students to become compassionate, skilled members and leaders of the medical profession.

Gaining Cambridge graduate entry into medicine is not a walk in the park; it requires application and hard work. Some procedures need to be adhered to be able to accomplish this academic feat. We are here to provide you with the essential guidelines.

What Prospects Await You With a Cambridge Graduate Medicine?

Challenge Yourself

If you are looking for a medical school that provides you with an academic setting to keep you on your toes, then Cambridge school is just the place you need to be. At Cambridge medical school, you will have the opportunity to be involved in research at world-class labs. Students will even get to be under the tutelage of Nobel Laureates.

These systems set up students for intellectual challenge and equip them with the knowledge they require for future career opportunities and satisfaction.

Internationally Recognized

According to the 2022 UK Medicine League Table published by The Complete University Guide,  Cambridge has a joint top position of the best medical school in the United Kingdom. This statistic is a manifestation of the high standard of the educational system put in place at the University of Cambridge.

Because it is blazing the trail in the medical community, professional degree certificates are held in inestimable regard around the globe. Cambridge medical alumni are known to be highly skilled in the profession.

Excellent Teaching

One of the things that set Cambridge medical school apart from other universities is because of its embrace of teaching and practicing medicine in traditional and innovative methods. The Cambridge graduate entry medicine curriculum is designed to inspire students to learn, notwithstanding the rigorous process.

The teaching styles are ethical and world standards. Lectures, practical classes, and supervision are carried out to ensure the students are well-trained. A 5 to 8-hour supervision session, done by a well-trained and certified medical doctor, contains 3-4 students. Sometimes it is a one-on-one session. This makes room for specific questions and deepens the understanding of areas of interest for the students.

Increased Prospects

Many people jostle to enroll in medicine at the University of Cambridge to boost their prospects of gaining post-graduate employment. This can be seen in the U.K. as, based on The Graduate Market in 2021, the top 10 Cambridge is one of the top 10 universities most often targeted by Britain’s leading graduate employers. 91% of Cambridge students were in work or further studying within 15 months of graduating.

As seen above, there is no doubt that studying medicine at Cambridge increases one’s prospects of finding work or furthering their education.

Guidance From Medical Experts

I have a friend who has the ambition to study Medicine at Cambridge University. To increase his chances of getting into the program, he contacted a tutoring agency, Oxbridge Mind. They offer assistance and support at every step of the application process for Cambridge Medical applicants through their Cambridge Medicine Preparation course. Their services also include preparing students for writing the Cambridge Medical School test and the one-on-one interview that follows. Candidates are provided with up-to-date information to decide the degree program they want to get enrolled in.

They have adequate experienced tutors available to help Cambridge Medical School candidates to actualize their goal of studying at this world-class university.

What Studying Medicine at Cambridge Medical School is Like

Studying medicine at Cambridge involves coursework that is diverse enough to equip students with sufficient knowledge to practice the medical profession outstandingly.

Cambridge graduate medicine is a 6-year degree program. In the first two years of study, medical sciences are taught through lectures and practical classes. The course frameworks are shaped in a way to familiarize students with research findings and clinical studies they can implement in their future careers.

Students decide on their area of specialization in their third year. In the fourth, fifth, and sixth years, students conduct clinical studies and visit specified hospitals.

What A-levels Do You Need to Study Cambridge medicine?

If you are setting your sights on studying medicine at Cambridge, there are certain A-levels that you need to kickstart your application. Candidates are expected to have A-level biology, physics, mathematics, and chemistry. These subjects enable students to get acquainted with the prerequisite knowledge needed to excel at Cambridge.

Cambridge Graduate Medicine Requirements

The following are the basic entry requirements as listed by Cambridge:

  • A*A*A at A-level, or 40-42 for IB, with 776 at a higher level
  • Submission of personal statement and references
  • Writing of BMAT exams. There are no official pass marks, but if candidates are to be invited for a one-on-one interview, they are expected to score an average of 5.0
  • Candidates are expected to have a working experience in the health field before application. Note that this requirement is not essential, but it could give your application a boost.


How challenging is it to get into Cambridge medicine?

Medical courses at Cambridge are highly competitive such that candidates have to be exceptional to get in.

Is Cambridge or Oxford better for medicine?

Both universities somewhat have equal reputations. You can research both schools to find out which of them meets your needs.

Do you need 4 A-levels for Cambridge medicine?

A-levels in Chemistry and Biology, Physics, and Mathematics with high grades.

What UK University has the most straightforward pathway into Medicine?

Cambridge medical school is one of the easiest Universities in the UK to study medicine.

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