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Charleston as a place for a romantic getaway: Top 5 romantic places to visit if you are a foreigner



Charleston, South Carolina’s largest city, with cobbled streets and colonial architecture, has been a magnet for romantically-inclined couples for decades. English visitors have long been amongst the many nationalities drawn to this charming location, none more so than Bristolians. If you hail from this part of the West Country, take your pick of Bristol dating websites to find dating opportunities. Once you’ve signed up and found a match, you must suggest heading to the Palmetto State to sample Charleston hospitality. So, what would be the top five recommended places for Bristol couples to experience?


Take in a scenic golf course


If you’re looking to combine your romantic visit with a spot of golf, the courses on offer are far beyond anything you might be used to back in England! One of the most eye-catching in terms of the background vistas has got to be the beautifully-tended courses overlooking Charleston Harbor. With nodding palm trees and multi-layered greens, you can choose from several courses. All are welcome, whether you are relative novices or play off a decent handicap.


Weave a romantic memento


After energetic strolling between 18 holes, your next getaway location could be Sweetgrass Basket Pavilion, located by Mount Pleasant. This cultural arts center opens its doors to visitors, allowing you to take in exhibitions on the history of basket weaving, or observe experts creating intricate masterpieces. You can even take the opportunity to try your hand at making a basket – regardless of how practical the outcome, what you will have is a wonderful souvenir to take back to Bristol.


Glide by Pitt Street Bridge


This landmark once linked the mainland with Sullivan’s Island but is now a popular recreation area close to Charleston. Whatever type of water activity floats your boat, you’ll find options here. You can purchase some basic fishing equipment, then drop your lines into the tranquil bay to see if you get any bites. If you’re feeling more energetic, you could always hire a kayak and explore the vicinity. Gliding through these waters is the perfect way to see South Carolina’s beautiful shorelines, from Charleston’s bustling harbor front to more secluded bays and coves. Where creeks meet the Atlantic, keep an eye out for one of the most spectacular wildlife sights South Carolina has to offer – furtive manatees.


Step back in time to the Old Village


Charleston is steeped in history. As a Southern port, the city featured prominently in the American Civil War of the 1860s. Blockaded by the Union army, there were frequent skirmishes in the bay between US naval ships and rebel blockade runners. The Union Army also set many of the buildings alight. But this gives a precious quality to the architecture that has survived, with many of the more historic buildings being faithfully restored. The Old Village is ideal for a romantic excursion, with fabulous eateries and souvenir shops to explore. Draped in Spanish moss, with cicadas chirping in the background after sunset, this is a magical place to spend time with a loved one.


Pick delicious snacks


To round off your Charleston excursion, why not drop in at Boone Hall Farms, on the city’s northeast outskirts? Here, you can grab a hamper, then proceed to pick mouth-watering strawberries, peaches and blueberries, ripened to perfection by the Southern sunshine. There’s always a temptation to bite into the succulent fruit as you go, but better to gather a stash for later. Why not take your produce back to your accommodation, add generous portions of fresh cream, and then tuck into a delicious fruit salad?


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