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When is it high time to hire dedicated development team?



Digitalization of all business processes has led to the skyrocketing demand for custom software solutions. Companies working in completely different spheres today actively implement software products in their work. However, many of these businesses prefer to use the services of third-party programmers rather than create an in-house development team. The main reason behind this trend is the feasibility of outsourcing. It is much less expensive and time consuming to hire a dedicated development team instead of employing in-house experts.

But can every company be sure that this model will be suitable in their case? Are there any situations where it’s better to consider another option? If you are thinking about how to hire software developers, this article will help you to find the right decision.

Dedicated development team: What does this model offer?

When companies hire dedicated development teams, they establish business relationships with an outsourcing agency that will create a perfect team in full accordance with the provided requirements. All the questions that will be related to recruitment, hiring, corporate education, vacations, and payroll will be solved by this outsourcing partner. And companies will have the possibility to concentrate on their key activities without spending their resources on organizational and administrative issues.

When you find an outsourcing agency that will provide services to you, you will need to prepare a list of requirements for your future team. It will be necessary to indicate the exact composition and the skills that will be required for building your product. By the way, it won’t be a problem if you want to change the team size after the start of the project. It can be done very quickly and seamlessly.

Your outsourcing partner will find the best candidates and you will conduct interviews to choose those specialists who will be included in your team. After hiring dedicated development team, you will need to set all the processes and clearly explain the goals of your project to your developers. Though programmers will work remotely, you can fully control the process and share your feedback.

What are the signs that indicate the necessity to hire dedicated development team? 

Though today companies of absolutely different types and sizes use the services of dedicated developers, there are some conditions and factors that can clearly indicate that hiring dedicated development team will be the most appropriate solution for your business.

  • If you have a young startup or a small business, expansion of your in-house staff can be not very sensible.
  • If your project requirements are not determined or you know that they can change during the development process, you can hire dedicated programmers as this model offers huge space for flexibility.
  • If you have a long-term project but know for sure that you won’t need to work with programmers on a permanent basis, a dedicated team will be a good way out.

If after reading the above-mentioned points you have recognized your case, it will be an excellent idea to think about hiring dedicated development team.

Key benefits of working with dedicated programmers

Why do so many companies today choose this model? It happens so thanks to a wide range of benefits that businesses can enjoy. Have a look at the most important of them.

  • Access to a global pool of talents without any need to look for developers only in one city where your office is located;
  • Team scalability;
  • Full focus on your project and your tasks;
  • Wide range of services available, including post-release maintenance and support;
  • Stable budgeting and cost-efficiency;
  • Lack of hiring and onboarding routine;
  • Possibility to execute the desired control.

As you see, this model offers a lot of advantages that can be used as arguments in favor of hiring dedicated developers. However, please, do not forget that this model is not suitable and feasible for short-term projects. If you have such a project, we recommend you work with third-party experts according to the principles of another model. 

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