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4 Fun Things To Do In San Antonio



It may not be the first place to think of when considering somewhere romantic for a day out or short break away, but believe it or not, San Antonio is one of the most interesting places to visit for couples looking to take some time out, sightsee and enjoy each other’s company.

Not convinced? Let’s take a look at some of the best fun things to do in San Antonio for couples. 

Brunch and browse…

Let’s start with two of the most important things in life: shopping and food! To get a fantastic flavor of both, why not take a trip to the market square? This is believed to be the biggest Mexcian market in the USA and it’s a perfect spot to stop and enjoy brunch in San Antonio, too. Enjoy a breakfast burrito or two, to fortify for the shopping trip ahead.

There are hundreds of shops that sell locally produced and sourced goods from beautiful jewelry to textiles and handmade items that make delightful gifts and souvenirs. It’s best to visit in the morning before it gets too bustling and busy – unless that’s your thing of course! 

Take a river walk or cruise

The San Antonio river walk is an amazing way to see all the most important sights of the city and it means you can do so without using a car or public transport. Go at your own pace, and enjoy the atmosphere and everything San Antonio has to offer. If refreshment or a rest is needed then it’s easy to step off the trail – below ground level, there are a whole host of restaurants and cafes serving food and drink, too. 

For those who aren’t as keen on walking but who still want to have the same experience then hop on a river cruise instead! This adventure, which lasts roughly 40 minutes is a perfect way to explore the rich cultural history of the place without needing to work up a sweat. 

The spooky ghosts of San Antonio

San Antonio is considered to be one of the most haunted cities in the USA – if not the world. Naturally, that means there are plenty of opportunities to have some spine-tingling experiences there.

A ghost tour, either on foot or by coach is a night-time trip not to be missed, especially if the supernatural is a subject that interests and enthralls. 

Back to nature – in the heart of the city

A trip to the city’s botanical gardens is one way to stay near the hustle and bustle but get some quiet time and peace. The verdant open spaces provide an opportunity to have a relaxing walk during the day, or to simply sit and breathe in the fresh air. 

The space is impressively large and it also boasts a great many fragrant flowers that delicately scent the air with their beautiful aromas. There is also a recommended restaurant – Rosella At The Garden, which serves breakfasts, brunches, and lunch dishes for hungry wanderers. 


Whether it’s a trip through the history of the city along the river, a spectacularly spooky ghost tour, or taking some time to sit in peaceful gardens and enjoy quiet time, San Antonio has something for every couple wanting a little something different to escape to for a few days. 

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