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Biblical Portrayals of Angels



Did you know that angels would look quite terrifying if we imagine them based on their biblical portrayals? While they’re widely known to be majestic beings by many cultures and countries, their Bible-accurate appearance can be shocking.

How Different Angels Look Like According to the Bible

In the Bible, angels are mentioned as having a wide range of appearances. Some were described to be so tall that their faces looked like flashes of lightning while others were said to have human-like features such as hands and feet. Generally, they had wings that could easily fly across the sky.

What angels look like in the Bible can be quite different from the typical angel imagery we often see in pop culture today. They usually appear with a single pair of wings and silky robes, looking more saintly than otherworldly.

Their Different Roles and Responsibilities in Biblical Texts

The Bible mentions various roles for angels—from mediating between God and man to helping people find strength within themselves during hard times. They also acted as protectors, sent to keep people from harm.

On the other hand, angels were described as destroying towns and villages throughout the Bible. They served as messengers of God’s wrath and judgment.

Popular Types of Angels and Their Forms According to the Bible

Some of the most popular types of angels and their forms based on Biblical texts include:


Archangels are some of the more popular types of angels mentioned in the Bible. These powerful beings acted as leaders and commanders of God’s heavenly host, delivering messages to Earth on his behalf. They commonly appeared with six wings and wore a robe decorated with precious stones.


Cherubim were another type of angel that featured heavily in the Bible, usually depicted as having four faces (human, lion, ox, and eagle) and four wings. They were said to be guardians of important places like Heaven’s gates.


Seraphim were incredibly powerful angels believed to be closest to God—some even say they surround God’s throne! They had six wings each: two covering their face, two covering their feet, and two for flying.


Ophanim were the angels of wheels and were described as having the appearance of a wheel within a wheel.

Why Angels are Depicted as Beautiful in Pop Culture

The traditional way we see angels today is vastly different from their original Biblical depictions. This is due to the influence of art, literature, and film which portrays them as beautiful creatures with wings and luminous white robes.

This type of angelic imagery has become so pervasive that it has become ingrained in many people’s minds, even if they have never read the Bible or seen a religious painting. We can thank this traditional image for the widespread acceptance and admiration—or even adoration—of angels in modern society.

Popular depictions of angels in literature, movies, TV shows, and artwork have helped shape our views of them – and even though they’re not the same as their biblical counterparts, it’s still a beautiful portrayal that continues to capture people’s imaginations.

Ultimately, angels are fascinating creatures, no matter how you look at them. There’s something inspiring about these heavenly beings that have made them so alluring for centuries—both in Biblical texts and modern works of art and literature. Whether we choose to imagine them as awe-inspiring or gentle protectors, there is no denying the captivating power of angels.


Angel portrayals in the Bible differ greatly from what we often see today in movies, books, artworks, and popular culture. It’s important to study these descriptions and roles within biblical texts so that we can gain a better understanding of these celestial beings. Knowing more about them will help us appreciate the complexity of their existence—in both spiritual and physical realms.

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