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Short Advice on How to Ask a Professor for A Higher Grade



Professors have the power to help you or let you down when it comes to your grade on a paper or an assignment. Asking them to change your mark is never something to do lightly. Still, if you’re certain that it’s something you need to do, there are ways to go about it that will make you seem respectful and clever rather than desperate or pathetic. Here are some tips for asking a professor to round up your grade without sounding hopeless.

Some Ground Rules to Know

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to ask your professor for an extra credit assignment, remember these three things:

  • Be polite and respectful. Even though getting frustrated when asking for a favor can be easy, that behavior is never appropriate when approaching an instructor for assistance.
  • Don’t be too broad with your request. Most professors are going to want some reasons as they try and determine what would be the best way they can help you.
  • Be prepared with alternatives or ideas if they refuse your request.

1% Matters

It can be tough to turn in the last assignment of the semester with low grades on your transcript. It’s not easy for professors to forget previous marks and not consider them when deciding what you should receive on the final exam or at the end of the semester. However, there are some ways to make your request seem more reasonable and make it less likely that they’ll say no. Like, if you have an A or B average in the class, remind them that this is only one of your low evaluation marks. Try not to ask for more than needed when rounding up. For example, if your grade needs to go up by 2%, don’t ask for 10%. That will sound like you’re desperate for a higher rank and will make it difficult for professors to say yes.

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute

You might be wondering why it is suggested for you to ask your professor so far in advance. It’s because it is much easier to uplift your level if they know they will need to do it ahead of time. Your professor can give you another assignment to evaluate or some extra test. If the deadline is too short, but you still need a round-up, you can get essay help online or ask your friends for aid. Plus, the longer you wait, the less likely you’ll get what you want. The professor might not have any time left, or they may refuse altogether. So don’t wait until the last minute and think, “I’ll try anyway”.

Know Your Professor’s Evaluation Policy

Professors are people too, and you can approach them the way you would approach anyone else. It’s important to know what grading policy your teacher adheres to before you go into the conversation. When you meet with them, you will be on the same page, and the arguments you use will be based on their rules. If they don’t provide grades below a C or above an A, there’s no point in asking if you can get one of those marks rounded up. It’s also essential to make sure that when you’re asking for this favor, it is not just because it will help your GPA. Empathize that it will help your overall grade.

Write an Email and Keep It Short

Email is a suitable way to communicate your needs. It works well if you are too shy to speak personally or have no such opportunity. Remember to keep this straightforward, but don’t forget to include enough details to describe your position. Get ready to answer the questions that will clarify the situation to your professor.

While composing your email, avoid any kind of threats, begging, or blackmail. It will not help you to get the desired mark. On the opposite, it would make your chances of getting a round-up equal to zero. Also, you should not try to catch the attention with a bunch of messages. It would be better to send one consistent email than numerous spam letters.

While asking for this favor, you shouldn’t transfer responsibility for a bad grade to your teacher. So, don’t use constructions that include statements like, “If you are not rounding up my mark, I will lose my scholarship.” It would only show that you are not responsible enough to admit the consequences of your actions.


To sum up, there are different ways you can approach this issue. You can make an appointment with your professor in real life if possible. Try to sound confident but not demanding, and tell them how much you have learned from this course. Try to describe your experience and the reasons that led to your academic failure. Offer positive feedback about the class and ask if there is anything else you can do to improve your grade.

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