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6 Cannabis-based Foods You Should Consider Trying This Year



Many years ago, Cannabis edibles were criminalized, and so were baked and made in people’s kitchens in the dead of night, so that their neighbors didn’t catch a whiff of Cannabis cooking. Since Cannabis has been legalized, there’s no need for cloak and dagger cooking anymore.

You don’t have to bake your own Cannabis products, either. It’s entirely possible for you to walk into any dispensary and buy Cannabis products. Many dispensaries even bake their own edibles fresh.

If you are interested in Cannabis-based foods, then here are six that you should consider trying this year:


Lozenges are a great form of Cannabis edible because they are extremely discreet. Despite Cannabis legalization and social acceptance, most people still don’t want their colleagues and family members to know that they take it. This is especially true for people that take Cannabis on the go. Cannabis lozenges are a great option for people who take discretion seriously because they can be consumed on the go and are very subtle. You can likely find lozenges at a dispensary location near you. Lozenges are sold in a wide variety of flavors, but the most popular are cherry and lemon. Because lozenges look like sweets, make sure that you don’t leave yours around children. If you do, they might mistakenly take your lozenges believing that they are consuming a child-friendly sweet. You should also warn friends about what they are, in case they try to take and eat one.


Cannabis honey is also very popular because it can be used to compliment sweet treats, be added to one’s tea, or just be consumed on its own. Before the invention of Cannabis honey, people almost exclusively used Cannabis butter for cooking or for sweetening things. Cannabis honey is just as sweet as Cannabis butter, if not more so, and can deliver a powerful high. It’s a great addition to cakes, bakes, and even your breakfast cereal. Not only do you get to enjoy Cannabis’ psychoactive effects, but you also get to enjoy honey’s health benefits and delicious flavor.


Brownies are the quintessential Cannabis edible. Most people make their own brownies, but it is possible to buy them from a dispensary already baked. If you aren’t a confident chef, then this is definitely the best option. If you are going to buy Cannabis brownies, then you must be aware that they can sometimes be very strong. Make sure that you read a product’s packaging before consuming it so that you can calculate your dose. Edibles can produce a high that’s more akin to magic mushrooms than it is to smoking Cannabis, so go easy.

Potato Chips

Cannabis potato chips are a snack that’s both delicious and easy to consume. You can find potato chip Cannabis snacks in more or less all dispensaries, although it’s usually best to order them directly online from their producer. If you are going to buy Cannabis potato chips, then make sure that you conduct research online and try to find the brand that’s the most flavorsome and high-quality. Remember, potato chips can be very bad for your health because they’re high in saturated fat, so consume them in moderation.


Gummies, like lozenges, are a form of edible that can be consumed on the go discreetly. The thing is with gummies, they look so much like candy that people you meet are bound to ask you for one if they see you eating them. Because of this, you need to be clear when they do that they are Cannabis edibles. It’s a bad idea to consume these at work because you could have the entire office asking you for one. Despite Cannabis legalization, you will probably lose your job if you are found to be consuming Cannabis products while you are working because your employers could see you as a liability.

Dried Fruit

One last form of Cannabis edible that’s very popular and that you need to try is dried fruit. Dried fruit edibles are ordinary fruits infused with Cannabis, to create a healthy, but potent, snack. You can purchase a variety of different dried fruits, but apricots are by far the most popular. Dried apricots are extremely delicious on their own, so you can imagine how much nicer they would be when infused with the world’s most popular recreational and medicinal drug. You don’t just enjoy Cannabis’ health benefits when you eat dried Cannabis fruits, either, you also get to benefit from the fruit’s many vitamins and minerals.

Cannabis edibles are growing in popularity. If you want to try them out, then head down to your local dispensary and see what’s on offer. If you don’t have a dispensary near you and don’t want to order online, then with a little work you can bake your own edibles.


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