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Walker Brothers Craft Kombucha Now Available in South Carolina



Walker Brothers craft kombucha is now available for statewide distribution in South Carolina, as well as Massachusetts and the city of Memphis, Tennessee. Led by two Boston-born brothers, Luke and Sam Walker, the company brews its kombucha through a craft process, utilizing organic, Direct Trade tea, and flavored with organic, freshly-pressed juice. It is open-fermented and unpasteurized—intentional practices that promote naturally developed good-for-your-gut probiotics.

Walker Brothers has been brewing Non-Alcoholic and High Gravity kombucha in Nashville, Tennessee, since 2019, and now South Carolina residents can find each thanks to the brand’s partnership with Bear Island Distributors. The Hilton Head Island-based distributor specializes in craft beer, cider, and wine.

Non-Alcoholic Flavors with descriptions provided by the company:

  • Blueberry Jasmine: Fresh, organic blueberries intertwine with jasmine tea and a touch of lemon to reveal notes of fresh jam, white grape, and tart berry in this craft kombucha.

  • Citrus:  A bright, tangy, and pleasantly carbonated craft kombucha, flavored with organic grapefruit, lemon, and lime juices, and infused with muddled mint.

  • Cucumber Melon: Organic cucumber and honeydew harmonize with a signature tea blend in this craft kombucha to create a hydrating, effervescent kombucha with a balanced body and clean finish.

  • Ginger: Cold-pressed Peruvian ginger root combines with a signature blend of black, green, and jasmine teas in this craft kombucha to create a subtly spicy flavor, with a mildly sweet, yet tart, finish.

High Gravity (5% ABV) Flavors with descriptions provided by the company:

  • Citra Hops: Whole-cone Citra hops lend bright citrus and ripe stone fruit notes to this brew, resulting in a kombucha with a smooth mouthfeel and tart, clean finish.

  • Ginger: Flavored with organic, cold-pressed ginger juice, this kombucha is subtly spicy and easy to drink, yet complex enough to keep you coming back for more.

  • Watermelon Lime: Organic watermelon and lime juice pair with Walker Brothers’ signature tea blend to convey notes of ripe melon and rind, creating a flavor profile that is a nuanced, refreshing combination of sweet and tart.

In addition to the brand’s core flavors listed above, seasonal brews rotate periodically for both Non-Alcoholic and High Gravity products.

Walker Brothers Non-Alcoholic products are available for nationwide shipping at

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