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Meet the First Online National Lottery of Zambia



Winning the lottery is one of the best experiences in life! It is even better if you win a big prize. We are talking about winning millions from the lottery.

This is the experience of Michael Chitalu – a lucky winner of the online national lottery of Zambia. We’ll share his experience of becoming the first winner of a major lottery prize.

About Michael Chitalu – online Lotto Zambia’s first winner

Michael is a resident of Zambia’s capital, Lusaka. The soft-spoken father of three works for a church organization in Lusaka.

Before winning the lottery prize, Michael had been betting on sports, which he hadn’t had much success in big money. He saw a social media flyer with an advert for an online national lottery. He tried his luck a few times before being announced the winner.

How much did he win?

Michael won a jackpot prize of over 1 million. This is a modest winning considering that you can win over 100 million when you play Zambian lotto online. But let’s face it, K1,000,000 is enough money to change the life of a man whose monthly salary is K10,000.

Michael now has a chance to start a business, build a home, buy cars, go on vacation, or do anything that has always wanted. Are you curious to know how he plans to spend his money? We’ll reveal some details that he shared about his winning and how he plans to spend it.

How he will spend his winnings

If you won millions right now, what would you do with your money? You’ll probably do the same things Michael intends to do:

Start a publishing company

Having worked in a church organization, Michael understands the business of publication. He intends to become a publisher of church magazines. To him, this business is not just for profit but also to fulfill his duty as a servant of God. But we’re expecting that he will make money in this business.

Build a mansion in Lusaka

He is not intending to leave Lusaka. Having lived in rented apartments for a long time, he now believes it is time for him and his family to enjoy the privacy that comes with living in a mansion in the leafy suburbs of Lusaka.

Buy a family car

Who wouldn’t buy a car with lottery money? Michael intends to buy a family car instead of a sports car. He says that he wants to maintain his modest lifestyle but make it more comfortable for his family.

Tips from the first online national lottery of Zambia

According to Michael, winning the lottery is luck. He attributes his winning to patience and persistence.

He was patient and persistent in playing the lottery. He never imagined that he could win the jackpot prize until the day he saw his numbers announced in the draw. You too can become a jackpot winner. Just check the Lotto Zambia jackpot for the upcoming draw to see how much you can win.

Many players lose out on big prizes because of bailing out from major jackpot prizes. Just like Michael, patience and persistence can make you a winner of Zambia’s online national lottery. Sign up today to get started. Your story could be the next one we are featuring.

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