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Learn About Who Gets Flowers At A Wedding?



A wedding celebration is one of the most remarkable occasions to happen in a person’s life. Tying the knot is a big decision to make and quite a stressful affair to organize. Such a wonderful occurrence requires tons of arrangements and preparations, and one of the biggest considerations to pay special attention to is incorporating flowers to the Big Day. 

Fresh, aromatic, and beautiful, blooms can enhance the aesthetics of a wedding day and also add a lot of significance to the celebration. But during the wedding planning process, many brides often get completely at a loss when deciding who actually gets flowers at a wedding. This is a hard question to answer. 

Obviously that it is the bride and bridesmaids who may need their personal bouquets, as well as the flower girl requires a basket of petals to toss at the newlyweds. But who else may get blooms at the marriage ceremony? By giving someone a personal bouquet at your wedding, you visually highlight that person as someone who is truly meaningful to you. 

We prepared a list of everyone to consider giving arrangements to on your wedding day. Whether you are buying flowers from a local florist store or ordering blossoms online with global flower services, that can help send flowers to Sweden or any spot in the world, you want to be aware of who will be carrying the bouquet during the ceremony and also mind the preferences of that person, the type and size of flowers. 

Remember: while a wedding is an amazing and very special occasion, it is indeed a tiresome day, so your flowers must not bring any headache to someone who is supposed to hold them for quite a while. 

The Bride

Whether it is a classical ceremony or an extraordinary themed bash, a bride cannot be imagined without some cool arrangement in her hands. The bride needs a special bridal bouquet to reflect her personality and fit the overall atmosphere of the celebration. Depending on her preferences, she may even consider wearing a flower crown or pinning some lovely greenery to her hair. 

A tradition of having a bridal bouquet stems from ancient times when brides would arrange special herbs and plants in a bunch to protect their fledgling marriage against evil spirits and bad luck. Later, in the Victorian epoch, this tradition evolved to reflect the meaning of flower colors. For example, white blooms were chosen to emphasize the purity of a bride, and orange blooms symbolized happiness and fertility. These colors remain popular picks for bridal bouquets up to the present.

These days, brides usually choose blossoms based on a personal taste and/or wedding theme. A bridal bouquet is always a focal point of the celebration getting, perhaps, the most attention, so it should convey the bride’s character and match a wedding style.

The Groom

For grooms, it is typical to wear a boutonniere that perfectly matches the style or color of the bridal arrangement. While a rose or calla lily boutonniere is a timelessly classic variant, many grooms would love to add more creativity to their boutonnieres and choose something more personal.

For a whimsical ceremony (like a bohemian-styled party), some grooms would even be happy to wear succulents, fresh herbs, or small bunches of foliage in their boutonniere. For a vintage or romantic ceremony, a tiny cluster of blue grape hyacinths can make a trick. Lollipop scabiosa and aromatic rosemary also make a great duet for a groom’s boutonniere. Ranunculus buds, wildflowers, and even dried wheat stems are also popular picks for a non-traditional wedding. While options are nearly endless, the boutonniere is pinned on his left lapel.


For the bride’s gals, it is common to hold smaller versions of the main wedding bouquet. A bridesmaid arrangement doesn’t need to be an exact replica of the bridal bouquet, but it should complement the wedding flowers in either the style or the color scheme. 


Close friends of the groom are also honorable attendees of a wedding ceremony, and you may want to give visual prominence to them. These gentlemen generally wear boutonnieres too, but their arrangements do not replicate the groom’s one. Their boutonnieres should differ by size, color palette, or flower type than the groom’s accessory, while still fitting the overall style of a celebration. 

The Flower Girl

The flower girl is a little lady who throws flower petals down the aisle during the wedding procession. She usually carries a basket of flower petals, but as a twist on tradition, a flower girl may carry a small bouquet or even a single-stem pomander. For an extra touch of charm, your flower girl may wear a flower crown or even a flower waistband. If your wedding festival will be graced by a little flower lady, consider choosing sturdy blooms that will withstand the trial of the heat and restless child hands. 

The Ring Bearer

The ring bearer is a grand seigneur of a wedding ceremony, so you may want him to look his best. A lovely boutonniere can do just that – to enhance his overall stylish look. For an extra touch of glamour, you may place a few lovely buds on the ring pillow or ring box he is carrying. 

Mothers & Grandmothers

As a rule, moms and grannies wear a two- or three-flower corsage that is worn either on the wrist or attached to their left lapel. Alternatively, they can carry a small nosegay or a single stem. A small bouquet can be a scaled-down version of a bridal bouquet or bridesmaids’ bouquets containing 3-5 blooms. Or, if you follow the single-stem strategy, you can use a large and lush flower like a peony, hydrangea, or garden rose accentuated with a lovely ribbon.

Fathers and Grandfathers

These respectful gentlemen generally are adorned with boutonnieres as well. Their floral accessories can repeat the style of the groom’s or groomsmen’s arrangements or be totally different pieces – it’s entirely up to you (or them) to decide. 

The Officiant, Ushers, Readers

They are surely very important persons at any wedding ceremony, so you may want to give them gorgeous flowers too. Consider embellishing these grandees with corsages or boutonnieres to match the overall style of your wedding gala.

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