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‘The Attic on Queen Street’, Hauntingly Bittersweet Finale



Noted Author Karen White Says Goodbye with a Twist to Tradd Street Series

By: Jeff Walker, Book Review

New York Times best-selling author Karen White revisits the lives of Melanie and Jack Trenholm one final time in her latest release ‘The Attic on Queen Street’, the seventh in White’s series of Tradd Street novels. Readers have one last time to explore Melanie’s psychic powers and hold out hope Jack will re-kindle his stalled writing career.

Following in the sequences of White’s first six books and centered around thoroughfares in downtown Charleston, ‘The Attic on Queen Street’ is ripe with family dynamics, a murder mystery, intrigue, and apparitions from the past, that just might help bring some much-needed closure to unfinished business for family and friends. Throughout 384 pages White helps readers say goodbye one final time, as she puts a nice twist on the Tradd Street book series.

This time around, relationships are strained, with Melanie and Jack dealing with a trial separation. Melanie has lots on her plate, raising twin toddlers, a stepdaughter preparing for college, Jack suffering from writer’s block, and her own desire to resurrect her real estate profession. With all that’s taking place, Melanie still holds out hope of repairing her failed marriage.

However, there is one obstacle Melanie failed to foresee. Much to her displeasure, and in an attempt to revive his career, Jack allows his literary rival, fellow writer Marc Longo to use their house on Tradd Street to film an adaptation of Marc’s latest bestseller. Is Marc’s request purely providential, or does he have a hidden agenda for utilizing the Tradd Street location.

Will a youthful Civil War spirit help Melanie protect her family’s interests, as another malicious ghost is dead set on preventing Melanie from uncovering a decades old murder of a friend’s sister. Plenty of plots and sub-plots unfold in ‘The Attic on Queen Street’ including historic renovation projects and eerie graveyard encounters, with temperaments running back and forth. Quite a captivating read wrapped around an array of colorful personalities, both living and dead.

White penned her first novel ‘In the Shadow of the Moon’ in 2000 and began the Tradd Street series appropriately in 2008 with ‘The House on Tradd Street’. Published by Berkley, a division of Penguin Random House, ‘The Attic on Queen Street’ is White’s 28th book overall. White is a gifted storyteller, and well versed on intertwining romance, intrigue, and mystery in her novels.

Throughout the decade long Tradd Street series, White has fully portrayed each continuing character, even as she introduces new ones in sequential storylines. White is equally expressive when illustrating Charleston and the low country of South Carolina. Avid and new readers might want to start with the first book in the series. They will captivate you!

For admirers of White and her Tradd Street novels, ‘The Attic on Queen Street’ will literally reveal a hidden gem, while providing a bittersweet farewell. Fear not faithful followers, I bring you novel tidings of great joy. A few of White’s characters may find new life in another city full of southern charm.

For readers on your Christmas list, Karen White’s books make welcome holiday gifts. Check out the full Tradd Street journey and White’s other best-selling books on her website,

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