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What are high paying slots and fast payout casinos?

High paying slots are the casino games that provide players with wide options to win big money if we compare them with regular casino entertainments. There are several kinds of slot machines that can match the terms “high-paying”:

  • Progressive jackpot slots. These games accumulate jackpots, making potential wins reach several million dollars. These are the most high-paying slots ever possible. However, they have their disadvantages. There are two essential downsides. The first one is the fact that it is not only you who chases the jackpot. All the players of the particular casino can win the jackpot, and it will disappear as soon as one of them wins it. The second disadvantage is a very little probability of winning the main award.
  • The fixed jackpots are another alternative. Fixed jackpots can be very high in comparison with average slots. Fixed jackpots are a bit easier to win than progressive ones. At least, they are guaranteed for every player. However, there is another disadvantage. By the way, this downside is fair for the progressive jackpots as well. You need to bet maximally to win the biggest jackpot. This way can lead to a big award and a big loss as well. The experience tall us that the second outcome is far more probable.
  • The third kind of slot machine that can match the term “high-paying slots” is a slot game with a huge betting range. Obviously, if you can bet maximally, each of your wins will be significant.

To estimate if a slot is high-paying, you can make some calculations. You will need a few possible ratios. First, you need to learn the betting range of the slot machine. The majority of video slots allow betting from 200 to 250 coins maximally. Let’s take these numbers as average. Simply, every bet that is higher than 250 can be considered a big stake. The most frequent upper gap for the high-paying slots is about 1000 coins.

However, some slot machines allow paying 1500, 2500, and even 4000 coins for a single spin. Also, you will need the coin denomination parameter. Not every slot has this option. Some of them upload the casino balance directly without exchanging it for credits or coins. The other allows exchanging the currency for coins with the 1:1 equivalent. However, it is a rare feature. In most cases, if the slot machine has the denomination selector, it allows exchanging a coin for every cent or ten cents. It means that, for example, 2500 coins can turn into $250 maximally. It is a pretty high price for a high-paying slot.

The skill to identify the high-paying slot without entering a game and risking real money is essential. So, get ready to surf the Internet for some additional information. There are some signs of high paying  slots online:

  • First, you need to get the review of the slot and read about the maximal bets or wins there. The more these parameters are, the more high-paying is your chosen slot machine.
  • The other positive feature of the high-paying slot is the number of lines. Here, you need to find the slot machine with the adjustable number of winning lines. Usually, these games have from 15 to 25-30 lines. There is a pleasant feature within these games. The betting principle is counted depending on the number of active lines. Usually, all the winning lines activated make a bet enormous.
  • The third principle is simple and obvious. Get to your casino website and search for the corresponding section. Usually, there is a single section of slots or video slots. However, some casinos diversify these games and put jackpot slots into a separate section. Head to jackpot slots and choose one. Probably, you will face high-paying ones.
  • There is another hint connected with casino websites. In a few cases, the casino sites have search engine filters that ease your wandering through the website. Some of them might include the bet size or even the biggest win. Tune these filters to the maximal ratios and look at what you get. Probably, these games will be high-paying slots.

If you manage to find a high-paying slot, be sure that you are ready to play it. Fit is advisable to find the strategies on the Internet for high-rollers. Here is an approximate sequence of your actions. Find the game in the casino. Google it to find a review. Read everything that concerns bonuses, gameplay, and payouts.

Some casinos let you try the slot machines for free. Use this opportunity. If there is no such option, and you still want to try the game, use the minimal bets. Now, compare the information from the review with everything you have tried. Now, divide your bankroll into fifty equal bets. Try out ten spins to see if you win something and how many wins there are within ten rounds. Now, you have some digits to assemble a proportion and a progression. That is how you can estimate the approximate win from the slot.

How to play high paying slots?

In fact, high-paying slots do not differ from the regular ones when it comes to gameplay. You still have to make a bet and start a game with a round button called spin. However, you should pay attention to the selectors mentioned in the previous section of this text. Learn how they work. Then, you need to open the paytable. There, you will see the process for the combinations of symbols. Learn what symbols are the most expensive. Also, learn the conditions of getting a bonus and what things it affects. The most high-paying bonuses are a good portion of free spins and wheels of luck with multipliers.

There can be another interesting feature. A new fashion appeared in the slot industry. It is called a Buy-a Bonus feature. It is a shop where you can buy an in-game bonus. For instance, you can skip the regular game and start a bonus round. In theory, if you have enough money, you can play only the bonus games of the slot. However, these options are paid. And the price will depend on the bet size. It is essential to decide and calculate if the regular game in such high paying slots online is less profitable than continuous paid bonus rounds. If it is, the game can be worth some investments. You need to be confident that the bonus round (or any other feature suggested in the shop) is very profitable.

High-paying slots can be reviewed from the other, unusual perspective. If you value the progress in the particular casino, a high-paying slot can refer to a game that the casino tries to feature. For example, it can give bonus spins to play it. In this case, you need to monitor the casino promotions for fresh updates concerning free spins and new games. If you need to wager a casino bonus, a slot that contributes 100% of the progress can be called high-paying. If you need to utilize this side of casino gaming, you need to monitor the casinos’ terms and conditions (or bonus terms). Usually, websites indicate the games that help with fast wagering.

There is one more tip to remember. Do not chase the wins in the high-paying slots. Though the concepts of “cold” and “hot” slots do not apply to online games, it is not advisable to continue playing after a big win. Simple statistics are the best proof for the statement. Once you win big, you want more. Then you will probably lose some money and will wait for another big win to cover the loss. Such a loop can end badly. So, if you hit the jackpot, it is time to stop for some time or at least try another game category.

High paying slots – pros and cons

Obviously, every aspect of casino gameplay has ups and downs. The rule concerns high-paying slots as well. We will omit the most obvious feature of the possibility to win big. Here is what you should consider.


  • Even high paying  slots free versions can give the real feeling of heat
  • It is always pleasant to get a jackpot and finish playing in casinos for good
  • You waste less time to make the same amount of money compared to regular slots
  • High-paying slots help to challenge the wager faster
  • Also, they help to earn the casino progress


  • High-paying slots will not do well for small-spenders or new players
  • They require maximal bets
  • Depending on your tastes and demands, it can be hard to find them
  • High-paying slots can give away jackpots with difficulties
  • There is a risk of not getting the full jackpot

As you can see, high-paying slots take much but give away much as well. If you are ready to play them, try it yourself. Do it with a clear mind and no serious intentions to make money. Otherwise, you risk not getting joy from a game.

Why are high paying slots so popular in the USA?

There are several reasons to consider paid and free high paying slots to be popular. Again, we will not try to mention the fact that the slots can bring more money, which is always pleasant. Here is something to consider:

  • First, high-paying slots are affordable in the USA. The country is rich, and the average salary rate is relatively high. People have more spare money to waste in casinos compared to other countries. So, they simply allow themselves to play big.
  • High-paying slot machines can promote your progress within a particular casino. With more big stakes, you get more loyalty points. You get recognition within the casino as well. Big spenders are usually welcome into the VIP clubs with better account conditions and other attractive perks.
  • There is another reason that is not as obvious as others. USA citizens got used to big wins. The country’s casino culture is on a very high level (even with only two states where gambling is not limited). The popularity of Vegas or Atlantic City casinos is supported by movies and mass culture. People got used to the connections between big money and casino establishments. So, they come to the casino website and look for the chance to make big stakes.
  • The other reason for the popularity of these slots is narrow specialization. Experienced gamblers are bothered to play with small bets. They got used to big stakes in different casino games. When they tune to slots, they prefer staying on the same betting gap. For them, high-paying slots and games are the only way to feel the heat again.
  • The other reason for the particular popularity of the high-paying slots lies in the deep mentality of the American people. They are adventurous innately. And, do not forget about the famous American dream. So, they like gambling and never miss a chance to win big money. For instance, the share of Americans playing lotteries is higher than the same share in the European or Asian countries.
  • Also, it is important to remember that high-paying slots are usually very bright and colorful. They earn big money, so their vendors can customize them and apply modern graphics and features. These machines are attractive from the aesthetic perspective as well.

As you can see, high-paying slots have their popularity justified. Indeed, the opportunities they provide can attract many gamblers. However, it does not mean that they are safe for everyone. If you are new to gambling, better start with less risky casino games. At least, you must prepare a good strategy and big bankroll to play without significant money losses.

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