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VeChain Price Prediction 2025



Launched in June 2015, VeChain (VET) is among the few blockchains that have a large customer base among large corporations. Explore whether VeChain is worth investing in today by learning its past and current performance along with the predictions experts have made for its price in the future.

VeChain Past Performance

Since its launch, VeChain has maintained a steady price, with its value barely increasing or decreasing. Although there have been predictions from day to day and month to month, till the second half of 2020, VeChain remained close to $0.13. It was in July 2020 that the coin started to appreciate. Even though this increase was not a dramatic spike, it was still more appreciation than VeChain had seen before. The real growth, however, started from January 2021 when VET started following a huge uptrend and went from $0.01908 to $0.2546 in April – its all-time high. Soon afterward, the coin started to decrease in value and has seen a few surges and plunges in price.

VeChain Price Today

As of  November 2021, VET costs 15.53 cents. While this may appear to be a very minimal figure, this cryptocurrency has a market dominance of 0.36 percent, securing the 22nd rank. Its market capitalization is $10.00 billion, and the fully diluted market capitalization stands at $13.476 billion. The maximum supply of VET coins is 86,712,634,466, out of which 64.32 billion or 74 percent are in circulation. In the past week, even though the price has fluctuated – as is a common occurrence with volatile cryptocurrencies – the price at the end of the week was 15 cents, a large improvement over the 13 cents at the start of the week.

VeChain Price Prediction for 2025

Although VeChain has been increasing in value since 2021, before making any investment decision, it is necessary to look at technical analysis and be aware of the price forecasts for the next few years. Here are a few expert predictions for the year 2025.

As per the estimates of LongForecast, the year 2025 will start with VeChain valued at $0.56. Most of the year is marked with fluctuations in the price, with VeChain dropping in value frequently. However, the last two months lead to a positive outlook as VET is expected to appreciate and close at $0.52 at the end of the year.

PricePrediction has an even brighter outlook on the price of VeChain in 2025. Its analysis forecasts that the price of VET will be between $0.73 to $0.93.

According to CoinPriceForecast, the price of this coin can be around $0.66 in the middle of 2025, and by the end of the year, it is expected to be close to $0.70.

Surprisingly, there are even predictions that forecast the value of VET to be around $2 in 2025. This is a highly optimistic figure, by any standard. However, before completely dismissing such statistics, it is important to note that given the role this coin is playing in assisting companies (such as BMW) with their supply chain cycles, it is likely that VeChain will gain momentum and appreciate by an impressive percentage by 2025. However, before you buy VeChain and mine any cryptocurrency, it is important to take care of your cybersecurity and install Chrome VPN. You can browse websites in complete privacy without a fee. You can browse websites in complete privacy without a fee. There are different types of free vpn extension and money back guarantees. In this case, you will ensure data privacy for your personal information and your cryptocurrency.


Statistical analysis suggests that it is time to learn how to buy VeChain because this cryptocurrency is strongly expected to appreciate in the future. It has had a stellar 2021, and while anything is possible in cryptocurrency, this coin has huge potential to surge.

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