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The best hands you can get in Poker ranked



The 10 best hands to get in Poker

If you want to make money while playing poker online then you need to learn a good amount of the theory behind the game.

When you understand which hands are worth betting on and which aren’t then the game becomes a lot easier. Everyone knows that a Royal Flush is a great hand, but is a hand with two low pairs worth sticking with?

We are going to answer all these questions for you today by talking you through the 10 best hands you can get in Poker.

#10 – High card

When you have 5 completely different cards that don’t match or aren’t in the same suit then the best you can hope for is having a good high card. The best high card you can get is an Ace, the worst is a 6.

You have a 52% chance of getting a high card hand.

#9 – A pair

If you have a pair then it might be worth staying in the game. A pair is when you have two of the same card. A pair of aces is the best, then Kings, Queens, and Jacks. A pair of twos is the lowest value pair.

#8-Two pairs

The third worst hand is a set of two pairs and one leftover card. If more than one person has two pairs then they will be ranked on the card’s value – in the same way as a single pair would be.

#7- Three of a kind

Your next best option is to have three of a kind – three matching cards with two leftover cards. Again, the best three of a kind you can get are three aces and the worst you can get are three twos.

Three of a kind hands are quite rare, so three twos can often be enough to win a round.

#6 – Straight

This hand is made up of a set of numbers in order – i.e 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 – but they do not have to be from the same suit.

#5- A Flush

One of the best hands in the game is a flush. This means that all the cards in your hand are from the same suit. They do not have to be in any order to be considered a flush.

#4 – Full House

If you get a three of a kind and a pair in the same hand (with no leftover cards) then this is considered a Full House. If multiple people have a full house then the value of the three of a kind cards will decide the winner. It is not possible for two people to have the same three of a kind.

#3 – Four of a kind

The third best hand in a game of Poker is a four of a kind. This means that you have all four suits of one card and a single leftover card. These are ranked based on the value of the cards – aces being the best, two being the worst.

#2 – Straight Flush

A straight flush is a hand where you have 5 consecutive numbers (just like a straight) but they are all from the same suit. This hand is incredibly rare and will almost certainly win you the round.

#1 – Royal Flush

This hand is incredibly rare but it is the best hand in the same. It is a straight of Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and 10 – all in the same suit. No one suit is more valuable than the other. It is very unlikely that two people will have a Royal Flush in one round.

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