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How to Buy Jewelry Online: A Guide



Shopping online is, of course, a pastime that we all enjoy in abundance. However, there are some industries that have taken a little longer to adjust to the switch from physical retail outlets to selling and buying over the internet.

When you shop online, you have to take a number of aspects into account before you place items in your cart and purchase them, and the jewelry industry is one that requires a little bit more work on your behalf.

Jewelry, quite rightly, is considered a luxury item, and for many years after pretty much every other item was happily bought online, it was still a niche in the online shopping market that hadn’t quite taken off.

Fortunately, this has been reversed in recent years, and now millions of sales are made in the online jewelry world. To help you navigate the waters of online jewelry shopping, we’ve come up with a few tips and suggestions to make the journey less fraught with danger.

Buying Jewelry Online is Far Cheaper Than On the High Street

When you first start to check out the online jewelry market, you’ll probably be shocked at how much cheaper items are online. This is down chiefly to the lack of overhead costs an online store has to cover, and this makes your foray into shopping for jewelry online a much more pleasant one.

For instance, that custom name necklace you coveted through a store window is so much more affordable online. As well as the costs being far lower, most online stores also offer tons of great additions such as free engraving, polishing, and gift wrapping.

Massive Range of Choice

Depending on your locality, you’d have perhaps one or two jewelers to choose between. Online there is literally no end to the number of available suppliers. You can peruse and window shop via your desktop or mobile device until you find precisely what you are looking for.

On top of this, you can shop around to find a bargain, comparing like for like prices of all the best online jewelers around, before finally finding the item of your waking dreams.

Take Note of the Returns Policy and Shipping Information

When it comes to completing your chosen purchase, make sure to check out what the returns policy is at the online store you are using. It’s hugely important that the shipping is insured for the value of the item.

Most stores offer a seven-day returns policy, timed from the date of arrival. Make sure this is the case for your chosen retailer.

Check that the Item is the Right Fit

Because you are buying items without seeing them in front of you or without trying them on, make sure the sizing is correct. Most rings are offered with the sizing information, making it easier to judge. Similarly, the length of a necklace will be stated, and you can judge by the measurements of your own jewelry to make sure it’s the size that fits your needs.

Again, this is where the returns policy is key. In other words, you want to be able to shop with the comfort and certainty of knowing you can send items back if they don’t fit or suit you.

Make Sure the Item You Buy Has an Appraisal or Certificate

Any online jeweler of quality will offer the relevant certification of authenticity as standard. It will include the relevant information on gemstones, diamonds, and other relevant aspects.

As a guide, these might include color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. Never purchase any jewelry from a store that doesn’t explicitly offer such a document.

Check the Warranty

Any warranty you receive with the item you’ve purchased should cover defects and issues with fittings related to the stones (if relevant). The warranty should be at least one year in length and come from the retailer or the manufacturer.

Look for a ‘Try at Home’ Option

Some of the most reputable brands will offer a ‘try at home’ option, giving you even more peace of mind when it comes to making your online jewelry purchase. This option usually offers you a certain amount of time with an item before you commit to buying the piece.

Read their ‘About Us’ Page

If you are visiting an online store that seemingly isn’t well-known, take the time to check out their ‘About Us’ page. Read what is stated on these pages, as information here can sometimes set off the internal alarm within us all. You might source some key information here that you can use as you do additional research.

Check Out the Reviews

Perhaps the most important part of your online jewelry shopping journey is checking out the store’s reputation you are considering using. Read reviews of users of the retailer and be particularly wary of comments relating to poor service and delivery.

Reviews that question the quality and validity of products purchased at a store should also be considered carefully. Stick with stores that have a solid reputation. Also, ensure the store is situated on a site with an HTTPS address and has the padlock symbol, denoting safe payment practices.

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