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Ideas for Styling Type 2c Hair



Type 2c hair is a blessing in disguise. If you have this type of hairstyle, you know how hard it can be to maintain and style. However, when you have found one or two styles to rock this hair type, you might be tempted to keep wearing the same style. However, is it the way it should be? Absolutely no.

There are hundreds of ideas you can opt for your curly hair and you do not have to stick to only a few. We scoured the interne and assembled some of the best and trendiest type 2c hair styles for you. Continue reading below and select the most appropriate hairstyle for you.

1. Sexy Updo

Updos are undoubtedly romantic and the main reason why most people like rocking this style is that they are easy to style. According to LoveHairStyles, you do not need to apply any heat during styling. It is a hairstyle you can ever do for yourself even when you do not have time to style your style.

2. Shaggy Topknot 

Do you want to incorporate a rich personality into your 2c hair? Then you would want to try achieving this with a messy topknot style. Using hair rings such as these allows you to maintain the bun well positioned but at the same time messy, as you would like it to be. Leave free some tresses/ tendrils to flow down to complete this style.

3. Corset French Braid 

As the name suggests, this style encompasses styling your 2c hair with French braiding on both sides and then pulling the hair to the back. It creates a kind of a low Mohawk when wrapped under and secured with unfinished tresses. The hairstyle may look simple, but make sure you get an experienced stylist to do it for you.

4. Half Bun Styled On Short Curly Hair

If you like keeping your type 2c hair short, then you would love this haircut. The half bun is one of the most popular hairstyles among women as it allows them to take advantage of using various accessories. This stunning twisted hairdo allows you to maintain your sort of hair away from your face without going too overboard.

5. Half Long Bob

If you like keeping your 2c hair long and flowing on your shoulders, then this would be a perfect style to opt for. You may opt to keep it resting on one side or both sides and add a little bit of glamor. It is ridiculously easy to style and you may add some accessories or wear it plain.

6. Relaxed Shoulder-Length Ponytail

Sleek and long ponytails with messy looks have been the talk of the town lately. But what about opting for a medium-length ponytail with a touch of coolness? Well, it works well with 2c hair and can be rocked by anyone. It adds a lot of volume to your entire style and gives your hair a much-needed celebrity appearance.

7. Side-Swept Low Ponytail

Do you remember Princess Elsa from Frozen? Well, it will not be added to understand the look of this hairstyle. It adds some fun and charm to your looks and it is very easy to style and maintain. All you need are some pins to secure it to reveal its intricate style. Besides, it does not take much of your time to come up with this style.

8. Maiden Braids With Twists

Just like the side-swept low ponytail, all that you need to style this hairdo are a few bobby pins and in a few minutes, you will be done. It gives you such a romantic feel that is hard to ignore. It gives you 2c hair natural finishing with curls that can be rocked in any event.

9. Folded Updo

This curly hairstyle is characterized by a lot of volumes that also bring out your curls in a beautiful and unique way. It is an easy hairstyle for office women who like to rock something official when going to the office. It maintains your hair upright while showing off your beautiful face for everyone to see. It is also easy to style and maintains but a professional would do it better than you can.

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