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Top 5 Package Tracking Services in 2021



Recently, the number of online purchases has increased significantly. New delivery companies are regularly established to meet the demand of users around the world. Together with them, new services appear that allow tracking parcels and controlling the delivery process. This article will tell you about the most convenient ones.

1. Amazon

Amazon is one of the largest representatives of e-commerce. Logically, such a giant has its own delivery system and many courier partners. To keep track of the progress of your orders, use the convenient tracker Amazon offers to all users for free. You can search for parcels on the official website. To do it:


  • open your account and click the “Track Package” tab;
  • on the next page, type your tracking number;
  • carry out the same procedure in the branded mobile app. You can place an order directly on it and follow the delivery process.


It allows you to monitor goods sent even through other couriers.

2. UPS

UPS has a convenient tracker located right on the site. You can find it quickly. Go to the “Tracking” section on the main page, pick the “Track a Package” sub-item, and enter your parcel number. If you receive and ship products regularly, you may be interested in the My Choice service. It provides better control over the delivery, allows you to set up notifications, change the shipping address, and adjust the date of mail arrival. Use the mobile app to manage your shipments faster.


Tracking of the shipped parcel through the US Postal Service is also available on the official company website. Click “Quick Tools” and select the “Track a Package” option. You can also find a parcel through a proprietary application for mobile devices. By the way, this feature is available directly through Google Search. You don’t need to look for the site; just enter the phrase “USPS Tracking” in the Google search line, and the system will immediately offer you a window for entering the tracking number. Also, with the help of the Informed Delivery service, you can know in advance what letters and packages you should expect and when.

4. DHL

DHL also offers its customers the opportunity to track letters, packages, and parcels through a website or app, regardless of their endpoint. On the site, this option is available in the “Tracks” section. Click on it, and you will be offered a search box to enter the number right away. The MyDHL+ service also provides users with enhanced functionality and greater control over parcels. It is a complete business solution that helps you process bills, customs invoices, generate reports, and much more. For a comprehensive experience, you can integrate it with other applications.


While branded websites and software can be a great solution for those who use only one postal service, they may not be suitable for clients of several couriers at once. In this case, you should opt for the all-in-one tracker named It collects information about a wide variety of orders, parcels, letters, and containers from different logistics companies:


  • Amazon;
  • DHL;
  • UPS;
  • USPS;
  • FedEx;
  • MC Express, etc.


In total, the tracker gathers information from more than 800 postal and courier companies. So, no matter how big or small a delivery firm is, here you will find the information you need.

Keep Track of Your Mails

With the help of modern technology, you can keep track of your parcels anytime, anywhere. Regardless of your location, delivery characteristics, and cargo size, accurate information is always at your fingertips. Online shopping and product transfer have never been easier.

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