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Top 5 books for study motivation



Except school or university materials and online services for education like thesis proofreading service there are a lot of useful books to read. Lets see.

  1. Jason Fried, David Heinmeier Hansson «Rework. This book will change your outlook on Business»

This book about business and motivation is an author’s look at entrepreneurial activity from the founders of 37Signals, which has become popular due to a whole list of successfully developed products.

Probably, many people who are interested in business literature have come across the same type of tips, methods and rules. In this book, Everything is different: the authors propose to solve complex issues of entrepreneurship in an unusual way. According to fried and Hansson, the success of a business depends on the atmosphere in the team, so you need to treat your employees, customers and, in fact, the product carefully. There are many similar rational approaches to doing business in the book. The material is inspiring, calls for development, self-improvement; it encourages you to seriously think about starting your own business, how to manage it, what to do and why.

  1. Stephen Covey «7 Habits of extremely effective people»

Top motivational books continue to be published, breaking all records of popularity and practical value! The author claims that the driving forces of progress of the body and spirit are fundamental changes in the person as a whole. For Mr. Covey, basic principles are fundamental changes. The book is a person’s guide to Harmony, self-compensation and inner peace. The publication includes keys to a happy future, a large number of diagrams, graphs and drawings, each of which complements the overall idea and builds a complete picture of the worldview of a successful person. How to become better in your professional activity, how to maximize your creative potential and, thus, change your life for the better forever – today this is known and applied in practice by many entrepreneurs around the world. You’re next in line!

3.Ayn Rand «Atlas Shrugged (set of 3 books)»

A fascinating fiction novel that belongs to business literature. First of all, the book promotes wealth, saying that the desire for complete material and monetary self-sufficiency is evidence of the human mind. In fact, the entire Atlantean is built on the philosophy of objectivism and the love of proper honest capitalism. The instructive content of the book is very deep: it teaches you to appreciate yourself and your work, but not to expect something for nothing, not to complain about those who have already achieved something, feeling sorry for themselves. To achieve success and reward, you need to work hard, and work hard. Motivates you? Absolutely. If you take the best motivational books, this one is both entertaining and stimulating to action.

  1. Richard Branson «To hell with everything! Go ahead and do it!»

Autobiographical, performed by a successful entrepreneur, a well-known thinker with a specific philosophy of life, the book is more like an action-packed blockbuster, where the main character is Mr. Branson himself. Here he talks about his life, full of events, impressions, a huge number of ups and downs. Richard tries to convey the idea that if you take and start acting without putting off your dreams and desires, everything will come true. And very soon! The reader is armed with clear rules of life that allow you to become more successful. Among the most important rules are also: set goals, challenge yourself, strive to change the world, live fun, be loyal to people, take frequent risks, and much more. The book feeds a successful person with the necessary energy, motivates ambitious individuals and encourages them to new achievements.

  1. El Luna «Between need and want. Find your way and follow it»

A book with an eloquent title. The author tries to denote the role of desires and “need”, focusing on the fact that often the latter prevents us from living and being realized. El Luna clearly and clearly tells us that as we grow up, we must learn to exclude those “must” that go against our desires and beliefs. We need to finally make sure that our thoughts and worldview are correct. Of course, this is very difficult to do. However, using the tips of the book, you will be able to cope. You will be able to identify your “I want”, reveal latent desires, and get the necessary motivation on the threshold of a new stage in your life.

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