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Who are the Greatest Football Players to Come out of South Carolina?



There have been many remarkable and exceptionally talented football players in NFL history in the 100 years. Many of those players hung their boots, some have remained active and are still playing the game while others are at the peak of their careers. These active players are the reason why thousands of people go to stadiums to enjoy the sport. Some of the best football players from South Carolina are:

John Abraham

John Abraham used to play football in College in South Carolina before being drafted by the New York Jets back in 2000. He played for fifteen seasons. He played for the New York Jets from 2000-05, Atlanta Falcons from 2006-12 and Arizona Cardinals from 2013-14. In NFL statistics, he has a total of 533 tackles, 133 quarterback sacks and 46 forced fumbles. He also managed to get invited to the Pro Bowl five times, named First-team All-Pro twice and the second-team All-Pro in 2008. His last season ended prematurely when he sustained an injury and that marked the end of his career.

Sterling Sharpe

He joined the Green Bay Packers in 1988 and played until 1994. His career highlights include being invited to Pro Bowl five times, was named First-team all-Pro three times and receptions leader three times. He was also named the receiving touchdowns leader in 1992 and 1994. He had 595 receptions, managed to do 8, 134 receiving yards and 65 touchdowns. Unfortunately, he suffered a serious neck injury that forced him to stop playing and that marked the end of his career. Sterling Sharpe is also the brother to Denver Broncos legend Shannon Sharpe.

Tom Addison

Tom Addison was a professional football line-backer from 1960-67. He went to the University of South Carolina. From 1960 to 1967, Tom Addison began playing for the Boston Patriots. During that time, he was named TSN All-AFL three times and the AFL All-Star team four times in a row. Tom played in 84 games and was continuing to create his legacy when he sustained a serious knee injury. Unfortunately, he was released in 1968 by the Boston Patriots when doctors warned he would worsen the situation if he continued to play after undergoing knee surgery twice. He passed away in 2011.

George Rogers

George Rogers is a professional football player who started playing football for University of South Carolina. He joined the NFL in 1981. He played for New Orleans Saints and the Washington Redskins. George has covered over 7000 yards on the pitch. George rushed for over 7, 176 yards and had 54 rushing touchdowns. To place your betting odds for your favourite players this season, you can do it at

George Rogers achieved the following;

  •         He was the Super Bowl Champion
  •         He was named First-Team All-Pro twice
  •         NFL rushing touchdowns leader in 1986

There have been many amazing football players in history. Some players are still active and continue to leave a mark in the sport whenever they play. However, some retired, having made history with their achievements. All in all, the legends will never be forgotten.

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