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Lowcountry Youth Services’ Annual Open Enrollment Session



Press Release

Lowcountry Youth Services (LYS), a community-based youth development organization, will once again have its annual open enrollment session for new and returning members for their Distinguished Gentlemen’s Club (DGC) and Queens’ Being (QB) mentoring programs.  

Since 2008, the Distinguished Gentlemen’s Club (DGC) mentoring program has empowered young men in the Lowcountry, ages 8-18, to become prominent individuals in their environment. The program provides exceptional enrichment and  leadership development opportunities to youth, allowing them to create and mold  their own unique experiences via small-group mentorship and peer cohorts. They have made it their mission to transform them into natural-born leaders, ready to take on the world through their curriculum that focuses on critical areas such as College/Career Readiness, Leadership, and Healthy Relationships.

This year is the inaugural intake for the Queen’s Being Mentoring Group. Queens Being is a mentoring program that Lowcountry Youth Services established to teach and build young women, ages 11-14, by providing a positive community of belonging  for young women of color. Like DGC, the program focuses on enrichment and  leadership development opportunities, but this program is mainly created to serve young women of color. In Queens’ Being, young women will find their voices, gain  skills, develop self-confidence, expand creative expression, explore educational and career pathways, and construct strong bonds within a multigenerational and  intercultural community.

At noon on August 28, 2021, this event will begin at Lowcountry Youth Services, 6215  Murray Drive Hanahan, SC, US, 29410. Doors will open at 11:30 am. Please be sure to  sign your child up for the MANDATORY program information session. You may use  this link to sign up

For information about this event, please contact Lowcountry Youth Services at 843- 747-8083 or by email at You can find more information about the Lowcountry Youth Services via their website

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