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The Greatest Historical-Based Movies on Netflix



We all know that history can often be massively misinterpreted and heavily influenced under biases, especially when it comes to Hollywood productions. You may have heard that to the victor go the spoils- especially when writing the histories down, so take everything you read with a pinch of salt we would say. However, if you are interested in reading around history, watching a historical based movie may be a great starter to set the scene to the historical tale and get you exploring different sources of opinion. Therefore, if you are unsure on where to start, make sure to refer to our summary of some of the best titles available to stream on major platforms like Netflix.


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This 2004 adaptation is one of Hollywood’s greatest. Based on the Greek renditions of Homer, the movie tells the epic battle between Sparta and Troy. If you are aware of the history of the Greeks, the Trojans and the Spartans are two of the greatest kingdoms there ever was, and of course it is highly exaggerated-because historians thousands of years ago  had to massively suck up to their leaders. It was just the way it had to be.


Within this movie, Brad Pitt takes on the role of the mighty warrior and legend Achilles. His role orientates around the road of greed, glory and of course, making the decision between the two when love is added into the mix. Hollywood always has to add its touch there. IMDB gave this a 7.2/10, which is pretty decent.

The King

If you have a liking for medieval history, the next one is for you. Timothee Chalamet plays the role of the newly crowned King Henry, after his father passed away at a young age. Being the main lead role for Timothee, he attacks it with a very good performance if we say so ourselves. He was able to highlight the hostilities and vulnerability that young kings face at royal court, and of course all the necessary battle scenes needed when the enemy knocks at your door. A righteous movie, packed with huge powerful scenes, it deserves a watch for sure.

The Theory of Everything

The great recent and extraordinary mind of Stephen Hawkings shaped the world of physics as we know it. However, this movie focuses entirely on dissecting the genius’ mind before and during the development of ALS. The discoveries made by Stephen were life changing and really contributed to the fundamentals of black holes. Often labelled as the successor to Einstein, you see how Stephen fought hard for love, his career and his life. Given just two years to survive, he surpassed all expectations and for that, moulding the history books of the future.

While you were probably hoping that Game of Thrones could feature on here, being a historical and fantasy based series, it unfortunately cannot. However, if you are still one of the few that could not accept the ending that we were given check our latest post, that gives you more to chew on when it comes to the ending and what ‘could have been’.

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