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5 Great Benefits of Early Childhood Education



Parents wanting to give their young children a good foundation and head start academically may consider enrolling in a child care facility with a program that focuses on early childhood education and child development.

The research is clear-early childhood education is one of the most effective ways for children to develop socially, emotionally, and cognitively before formal schooling begins.

How do kids benefit?

  1. Children going to school develop good habits. 

A daily routine helps children feel safe and secure. The predictability of doing the same things each day helps kids feel calm and settled. And, getting up at the same time each day, brushing teeth, getting dressed, and packing a lunch or backpack teaches kids responsibility and organizational skills.


  1. Children develop math and reading skills. 

A good early childhood program has numerous opportunities each day for children to listen to quality literature, draw shapes and other doodles, sing, listen and dance to music, and experience math through counting rhymes, songs,  nursery pdf worksheets, and toys in their environment.

Studies show that children who attend daycare for three years before school score significantly higher on literacy and numeracy tests at age four and even impact their achievement levels through age 11!


  1. Kids develop emotional intelligence.

An early start developing social skills such as sharing, building relationships with other people, listening and communication skills fosters healthy friendships, problem-solving, and independence.

Children who attend daycare cope better with their emotions. Children and parents develop bonds with teachers, other children, and families that support each other.


  1. The benefits last a lifetime.

Long-term studies show that children who attend a high-quality daycare are more likely to have steady employment and graduate from a university. The skills your child learns early in life are critical for future success.

  1. Kids in daycare develop a lifelong love of learning. 

Attending a quality early childhood program gives children the experiences that encourage independence, creative and intellectual thinking, and positive social skills.  Look for programs that provide:

  • A warm, welcoming, and safe environment.
  • Ample opportunity to play!
  • Quality literacy and math activities that include stories, hands-on activities, and songs as well as digital experiences such as interactive online worksheets and games.
  • Problem solving opportunities.

With a quality program,  a love of learning emerges. This will drive kids towards academic success.

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