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Building Better Homes: Things to Ponder on in Buying a New Mattress



A house is not a home if you can’t feel comfortable in it. Thankfully, there are various beds available in the market that are guaranteed to offer the best comfort a person needs, especially during sleep times. But, one of the biggest questions many people think about is what kind of mattress would best suit their lifestyle and sleeping position?

You mustn’t sacrifice a good quality sleep over something so petty. A restless night could turn your mood into a negative and also pose some harm to your health. So, to help you make your sleeping experience better, here are some things you can ponder on when purchasing one.

The Mattress Type 

One of the biggest key factors in having a comfortable sleep is having the right mattress! There are at least eight common mattress types that you could choose from, so from there, hopefully, you can make a good decision. To help you, here are some of the best mattress 2021 has to offer.

Memory Foam

Are you a side sleeper? If so, then a memory foam bed is a great choice for you since it makes great support and offers breathable comfort. This kind of mattress still gains popularity now because it’s a mattress that conforms to the sleeper’s body as they sleep. Also, this mattress does resist the chances of sagging, so it makes a great long-term investment.

Pillow Tops 

A pillow top is great for any kind of sleeping position. Regardless of your position when you sleep, a pillow top could offer long-lasting support that aids pain. This type of mattress usually is made on innerspring mattresses and is very soft and gives a cushiony feeling. Thus, giving you a somehow “sinking” feeling that’s just right just like how a memory foam could offer you.

Water Bed 

The main support you could get from a water bed is water; that’s why the given name to it is “water bed.” This kind of mattress is perfect for back sleepers, and it allows you to adjust the water level in the bed to achieve that ideal bed you want. If you get a waterbed, ask yourself if you want a free-flow chamber or a waveless feeling so that you get the worth of your money since it has rectangular-sized chambers of water inside.

The Refund and Exchange Policy 

After paying for your mattress purchase, make sure to get a copy of the company’s refund and exchange policy. Also, ask details who are the people responsible for delivering your mattress in case of damage or returns. As a buyer, knowing about the refund and exchange policy of a product you are purchasing is vital since it could act as your protection when the item arrives in bad condition. No one would want to receive an item that has not yet been used for a week, then suddenly gets broken, or worse, it’s already broken while being delivered to you.

The Adjustability 

To have the most of your hard-earned money, opt for brands that give you the confidence that you could easily adjust it based on your preference. An adjustable mattress enables its users to modify the bed’s firmness and angle of the bed.

In some better brands, they offer a feature where the mattress also has massage settings. It allows people to feel like they are being massaged. Having this kind of feature and adjustability in a bed could help ease back pain and promote a good spine alignment.

The adjustability feature is vital because there is no known universal firmness level a person needs. Every one of us has different preferences in the firmness that allows us to sleep at night. Also, as a person’s lifestyle changes, the mattress should be adjusted. As more advancements are available nowadays, you could easily manipulate a mattress’s firmness through an app or a control pad on the mattress.

Your Sleeping Needs

People have different sleeping needs. Some people could easily sleep even in a sitting position, and some people need a good and comfortable mattress to have a better sleep at night. If sleeping needs are talked about, it means that they are the contributing factors that allow you to sleep in a comfortable and stressless state so that you wake up feeling fresh and energized.

So, before choosing any kind of mattress, make sure that you get one that satisfies your sleeping needs. When you get the right kind of mattress, it could give you the spine support you need and prevent compromising your sleep quality. If you have a bad mattress, you can suffer from losing the natural curve of your spine and suffer from other health-related conditions like muscle pain.

The Fit 

This is one of the major aspects you should note when finding a mattress- the right fit. Avoid getting a mattress that is too big for your bedroom as it could take up a lot of space. Also, consider how many people would sleep on the mattress. If you get a single mattress and two people would be sleeping, space would be very limited for two people to sleep into.

To know the mattress size accurately, measure the length from the mattress head to foot then the sides for the width. So, before getting a mattress in a showroom, make sure you can envision what your bedroom would look like and space it will occupy to feel too crowded.


Getting a new mattress could be stressful if you don’t know the specifics you are looking for. Thus, you may use the guide given above to identify which aspects you must focus on. Ensure that your investment in a new bed will be worth it since it should be good for long-term use.

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