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State of Online Casinos in Asia in 2021



The gambling business has been the most profitable industry in many countries of the world for many years. And eastern countries are not among the last on this list. Some Asian countries became a home for gambling a long time ago. Even though online casinos as usual are still banned in a lot of popular Asian tourist destinations, there are some cities (like Las Vegas in the US) where you can gamble without any consequences. We will tell you more about them in this article. So if you are an avid gambler and planning your trip to Asian countries, hurry up to read it.

Online gambling situation in Asia

Online gambling platforms in South East Asian countries are growing in popularity nowadays and it is not a weird thing why. First of all, users can access casino sites such as Joker Thailand even with mobile phones anytime and anyplace. And what is more important is that players can gamble using online casinos, even in that Asian cities where casinos are banned. All because of the fact that online casinos are often registered in countries where they are legal by law (such as Malta). Be sure that you will meet no punishment if you are using online casinos in Eastern countries.

Online gambling platforms have achieved not only great popularity among gamblers in Asia but also income success. The online gambling industry in Asia currently hits the jackpot in profit. It has been reported that the net worth of Asian online casinos is $72 billion as of 2019. And these numbers only increase over the years. According to experts, the profit of online casinos will double over the next few years. Demand and accessibility that’s two important points that make this business so profitable.

Following this information gamblers can ask themselves a question: are online casinos legal in Asian countries? 

The legal status of online gambling in Asia is a complex case. Online gambling is totally banned in some countries such as China, Cambodia, and South Korea, just to name a few. But still, some Asian cities welcome gamblers from all over the world to enjoy the Gclub and other best gambling brands. Hong Kong, the Philippines, Goa, Sikkim, Daman, and Vietnam are on this list. You can gamble freely in these countries.

Meanwhile, there are also countries such as India, where laws are divided and regulated differently in each state. States in India tend to act independently, each with its own nuances regarding the legality of online betting. By the way, India has recently turned to online gambling by adopting Federal Information Technology Rules, which prohibit online gambling with ISPs in the country.


The online gambling market still remains unpredictable in Asia. Despite the dangers that exist for this business, it has been successfully growing and developing for decades. Indeed, despite the illegal status in many eastern countries, the profit of online casinos is increasing every year. This is because as long as there is a demand for gambling among players, online casinos will continue to develop.

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