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9 Popular Teen Patti Variations



Teen Patti is one of the preferred games by Indian players. It is not surprising to know for Indians had been playing it since time immemorial. Fortunately, Teen Patti is now offered in online casinos, and you will be amazed at the number of variations. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the commonly played Teen Patti variations. They are the following:

  1. Banko – It is the most popular variation played against the dealer. The dealer deals with three cards where two cards are revealed and hid the third card. You are going to predict the third card based on the value of the two shown cards. It makes use of jokers valued at 10, 20, or 30.
  2. Auction – It is one of the most played Teen Patti variations, and it is called auction in the sense that players bid for games available on the table. However, the players have the option to opt-out if the players feel that the hand is good.
  3. Muflis – If you often get bad cards, this Teen Patti variation is the right one for you because it is the reverse rule of the typical Teen Patti. In Muflis, the player with the weakest hand wins. Muflis aims to turn your losses to wins.
  4. Joker – It is the most common of all because it is widely played on the streets of India. It’s good to know that online casinos started to offer Joker Teen Patti variation. It relies on the wild cards making the game more exciting and entertaining. The deck of cards is shuffled, and one card is randomly pulled out and placed as a joker.
  5. Lowest Joker – It is called the lowest joker because the lowest ranking card in your hand becomes the joker, improving your chances of winning.
  6. Revolving Joker – It is called revolving joker because the joker changes every time someone folds. Three jokers are laid on the table, and all players can make use of them. If one of the players folds the card, the three jokers change too. It continues to happen until two players are left or until the maximum value of the pot is reached.
  7. AK47 – Does the name sound familiar? Well, this Teen Patti variation is named after the Russian rifle AK47. It consists of kings, Aces, fours, sevens, and wilds. Just like the basic rule, the player with the strongest hand wins, but what sets AK47 apart from the rest is it has a bunch of jokers helping you complete a hand soonest.
  8. Teen Patti 4X Boot – If you opt for a bigger boot and wins, Teen Patti 4X Boot is the right variation for you. It has a bigger boot value, which helps the pot grow as fast as possible. It is the preferred variation for high rollers.
  9. 999 – In this Teen Patti variation, the player with the hand closest to 999 wins. What sets this apart from the rest is the face cards’ value, which is zero. The mechanic of the game is similar to blackjack. The goal is to get a hand closest to 999.

Should you wish to find out more about Teen Patti variations, feel free to click here.

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