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7 Things NOT to Do When Flirting with Women



Finding your significant other can be a piece of a challenge, especially if you’re not good at flirting. After all, it’s the main thing that can show your attractive side and get a person interested in you. When done correctly, flirting can lift your spirits and make the date fun. But when done badly, it can lead to terrible consequences.

Being too pushy, crossing the boundaries, playing with someone else’s emotions – all that can make you seem like an awful person. To avoid any potential issues, check the list below, where you’ll find seven mistakes a man can make when flirting with women. Read on, and make sure you never do these things.

Being Too Pushy

Let’s start with the most common mistake that can make you look like a jerk. It’s being pushy and aggressive. As experts from explain – since flirting is the art of showing your attractive side, you have to let the girl get to know you and find out if there’s a mutual attraction. If you rush things, your crush will simply run away.

Showing Your Insecurities

Showing off your insecurities can be bad for you because it will make your crush feel uncomfortable and turned off. You don’t want to deal with a bombastic guy who’s constantly criticizing himself or telling you about his insecurity, do you?

Never talk about how immature or inexperienced you are. Let’s be honest – it’s not cute and it will probably only scare her away. Also, don’t say anything that would make her feel bad for choosing you. You want to be the one that she feels good about choosing.

Not Having an Idea about What to Say

If you want to impress your crush, you need to have an idea about what to say. Being unable to come up with some cool things to say can ruin the whole situation.

If there’s a moment of silence because you both run out of things to say, start talking about yourself and what you like – but not in an arrogant way. Go beyond what you do for a living or where you went to school. Ask questions and listen carefully when she answers them. Be genuinely interested in her life.

Not Being Honest with Yourself

Being honest with yourself is extremely important in every aspect of your life – including flirting with women. You have to know what you want and what qualities you look for in a woman so that you can avoid the situations that make you unhappy.

Don’t lie about yourself or your intentions! If you’re looking for something short-term, say so – the girl has the right to know what she’s getting herself into. Besides, honesty is the best policy when it comes to relationships – if you’re not honest, not only with your partner but also yourself, you might end up in many uncomfortable situations.

Not Respecting Boundaries

You have to respect the rules. If your crush doesn’t want to go on a date with you, don’t force her into it. If she wants you to leave her alone, stop trying to contact her.

Don’t push the girl into doing something she doesn’t want to do. If she doesn’t want to go on a date with you – leave her alone. If she tells you she’s not interested – leave her alone. If she tells you she doesn’t like you anymore – leave her alone. If she says no – can you guess? Yes, leave her alone. Remember – no means no.

Focusing on Money and Status

By focusing on money and status, you’ll only make yourself look bad. Don’t talk about your fancy car or your million-dollar mansion. Those things don’t really impress women. What impresses them are things like confidence, maturity, and your ability to provide for her emotionally. Don’t discuss material things unless it’s in relation to something else that they find interesting.

Also, don’t brag about how much money you make or how rich your family is. It’s not attractive to women and it will turn most of them off. If a woman wants a guy with a lot of money, she’ll ask him about it herself. And if she doesn’t care about your money, then you’re just bragging for no reason.

Being Fake

Being fake can be extremely annoying. Don’t try to be someone you’re not! That means don’t pretend to be someone else’s type if you aren’t. Don’t pretend to be more confident than you are. Don’t pretend to have an interest in something when you don’t. Don’t pretend to be someone who has a ton of money even though you don’t. Women can usually tell when a man is being fake.

The Bottom Line 

Finding your other half is not easy – especially if you suck at flirting. After all, it’s one of the things that can make the other person interested in you. Does it mean that there’s no salvation for you? Of course not!

Thankfully, flirting is something that you can easily get good at. The first step is knowing what you should NOT do when flirting with women – something we’d like to believe you’ll be a pro at after reading this article. Good luck!

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