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‘Everything Will Be Okay’ Sets Positive Tone For Young Women



Latest Book From Fox News’ Dana Perino Offers Advice From A Former Young Woman

By: Jeff Walker, Book Review

From the upbeat persona of Fox News’ Dana Perino comes a book that is equal parts self help and lessons learned. In ‘Everything Will Be Okay : Life Lessons for Young Women (from a Former Young Woman)’, Perino offers up 200 plus motivational pages to ladies just beginning their careers, that is meant to encourage young women to believe in themselves, as well as to find balance along the way.

In just over 25 years into her own career Perino has been a local TV reporter, worked in public relations, as a press secretary to a congressman, a spokesperson for the Department of Justice, and worked in media relations during the President George W. Bush administration, pivoting from associate director of communications to White House Press Secretary. Her 12 year resume in political circles easily prepared Perino for Fox News, where she’s been a constant since 2009. Aside from her noted journalism career, Perino is a best selling author.

With that kind of pedigree, Perino is easily qualified to share words of wisdom and enlightenment to young readers looking to navigate the professional world, while keeping their feet firmly on the ground. In seven straight forward and easy to read chapters ‘Everything Will Be Okay’, is an A to Z tutorial on how to manage your career, find role models, take your profession and relationships to the next level, all while maintaining peace of mind.

A woman of faith, Perino references early in her book one of the most decisive truths of Jesus ‘fear not’ (page 22). That familiar message is the underlying theme for which Perino builds on to express to young woman of today, that they can have it all if they put their lives into perspective, while holding on to Godly values.

Perino stresses that a formal education is paramount to a long and successful career, suggesting that academia as well as lessons learned are key to advancement. Perino provides numerous accounts of how she has offered advice to co-workers and young women through ‘Minute Mentoring’, a pet project she helped establish, with the overall goal, providing career role models to guide young woman in the workforce.

As Perino was charting her own career path she looked to pioneers (mentors), both fictional and non-fictional to guide her during her formative years. Perino praises her mother, grandmother and aunts for their wisdom. Perino mentions Diane Sawyer who went from the Nixon White House to ABC News as early inspiration. Perino allows that young women can have several role models, and they can change over time.

A ’30 something’ Perino found great guidance and role models in First Lady Laura Bush and Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice. Much like the books sub-title, Perino recalls many of the women, who not only shaped her career but caused her to be pro-active. One woman in particular lead Perino to partner with the ONE Campaign, an organization that provides educational and maternal support to young women in African countries. Perino’s motivation ‘if you want to move forward, you need to pay it forward’.

‘Everything Will Be Okay’ is a practical road map for young women from a former young woman. Perino provides easy steps that readers can apply to themselves if they want to grow in their careers, and find fulfillment in their personal lives. Fresh out of college, Perino suggest your 20’s are the early stages to begin building your work vs. social life.

A good part of her latest book deals with managing your workday, charting your own destiny, and developing lifelong friendships. To make a friend you have to be a friend! Perino adds, embrace challenges while doing your best to reduce or erase stress from your daily routine. In her new book Perino encourages young women to chart their own path, yet be mindful of their fellow worker. Don’t try to tackle every obstacle at the same time. Strive for manageable goals.

Ultimately ‘Everything Will Be Okay’ proposes finding higher ground through faith and moral conviction. Perino offers step by step instruction on how to build your career. She admits hard work pays off. Perino adds, prepare for the next level, take on challenges with enthusiasm, and surround yourself with people who share the same convictions.

While most of ‘Everything Will Be Okay’ suggests positive affirmations, Perino allows young women will make mistakes (Perino did), hit roadblocks, and face disappointment. Still Perino admits staying positive and focused, young women can become mothers, wives, team leaders, managers, and CEO’s without having to apologize for their choices.

Perino allows everyone’s career path is different. Don’t be dismayed if you didn’t find your soul mate, or achieve your first home with a white picket fence by age 30. There is no timetable. She cautions, don’t necessarily measure your success to others, rather chart your own path forward while staying true to yourself. Perino’s book provides methods to reach your goals.

Although Perino’s new book doesn’t ensure a sure fire way to achieve personal fulfillment, it does provide a proven outline should readers decide to follow her advice. She admits she’s made mistakes along the way, and that there is no magic formula to get ahead except faith, hard work, and determination. Perino does add that being well read, and learning to write effectively go a long way in one’s journey.

By all accounts Perino has followed her own advice in her quarter century working career. After more than a decade in politics mostly in Washington DC, and another dozen years at Fox News in New York City, Perino apparently is well liked and has never burned a professional or personal bridge. She is well versed, duly educated, and ideally positioned to offer advice to young women.

Although ‘Everything Will Be Okay : Life Lessons for Young Women (from a Former Young Woman)’ presents as an instructional manual for young females, there is practical application for young men as well. If you’re in college or still navigating your career path in your 20’s or 30’s, than Dana Perino’s latest book might be an inspirational tool to build on your career. Definitely an easy read from a woman who not only talks the talk, but walks the walk.

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