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Top Ping Pong Tables that Won’t Let You Down



Do you remember the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover”?

Table tennis tables fall under this category. It is difficult to ascertain the quality of a table tennis table by merely looking at it.

Unfortunately, some ping pong players (especially beginners) often only consider the appearance of the table tennis table before getting one. What’s more, they don’t think about the stability and surface of the table tennis table, nor the level of fitness and skill required to practice.

No worries just choose from any of the best table tennis tables listed here.

The Best Ping Pong Tables: By the Category

No matter your level, this list has got you covered. You will find a table tennis table that would suit your career level.

The JOOLA Tour 2500 – Indoor 

You can opt for the JOOLA Tour 2500 if you want the best indoor table tennis games. Aside from that, the JOOLA Tour is also affordable. More so, you can fold up the JOOLA Tour for personal practice. The eight-casters wheel helps you to move it around without any hassle.

Not to mention, the leg levelers help you adjust the table tennis if the ground is uneven. Other features of the JOOLA Tour are summarized below:

  • Dimensions – 9 x 5 feet
  • Assembly time – 10 minutes (Comes 95 percent ready to go)
  • Surface – 1″ (25mm)

The STIGA Advantage Pro – Perfect for Beginners

Frankly, the STIGA Advantage Pro is a good table for recreational players. It suits but a beginner’s needs and is also good for practice. STIGA Advantage Pro offers a 9 x 5 feet size.

What’s more, STIGA Advantage Pro is easy to set up. In less than 10 minutes you would have set up a STIGA Advantage Pro tennis table. Also, the latch system ensures that the table is stable and securely locked. Below are other features of STIGA Advantage Pro:

  • Dimensions – 9 x 5 feet
  • Assembly time – 10 minutes
  • Surface – 3/4″ (19mm)

The Butterfly Centerfold 25 – Tournament Standard

The Butterfly Centerfold 25 is a good table tennis table for professionals. More so, Butterfly Centerfold 25 is suitable for tournaments and it’s affordable too. This table tennis table offers all the important features required at international table tennis tournaments.

Also, like most top-rated table tennis tables, Butterfly Centerfold 25 comes with a warranty. The surface, size, and dimension suit all the requirements needed for international tournaments.

  • Dimensions – 108 x 60 x 30
  • Assembly time – delivered ready for play
  • Surface – 1″ (25mm) tournament standard

Qualities of the Best Ping Pong Table

Frankly, because of the numerous table tennis tables in the market, it is often very difficult to find the best. With the features outlined below, you can pick the best table tennis easily.


Low-quality tables and tennis tables often have poor stability. Most times, they have lock systems that can loosen while you are playing. Firm locks are often made of aluminum steel.

Tabletop Thickness

The thickness of a table tennis tabletop is very important. If the tabletop is not thick enough, the ball will not bounce properly.  If the tabletop thickness is less than 14 mm, then don’t buy the table tennis table. 14 mm thickness is not even suitable for beginners.

The best is 25mm but 15mm is suitable for players who have a low budget.


The best table tennis tables take less than 10 minutes to set – up. Also, in some cases, it requires little or no effort to set-up good table tennis tables. Some come already set to play on.


Several table tennis experts have suggested that the heavier your table tennis table, the more durable it will be. A lot of table tennis players often don’t take cognizance of this. You can also learn about top equipment used to design table tennis tables.

Where to Buy the Best Ping Pong Tables

The trend of buying items online has become the norm. Most people rarely visit retail stores to purchase an item. Besides, you can sit at home and your purchased item will be delivered to you effortlessly.

To be sure you are getting the best ping pong from an online website; always make sure you’re buying from a reputable website. Trusted online stores usually have good reviews and ratings.

If you have the time, you can visit your local retail stores instead. That way, you can physically inspect the product before you pay. Finally, take cognizance of all the features mentioned here and you will buy the best table tennis table hassle-free.

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