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It’s Time For You To Start Using Copper Cookware: Here’s Why



If you want to up your cooking game, and become a better cook, you’ll not only need the right skills, but also the right equipment.

Just working with the same old non-stick pans isn’t going to give you the results that you need. It’s time to move over to copper cookware.

Copper cookware is tried and trusted equipment, that both home cooks and professional chefs swear by. They are versatile and delicate, allowing you to use them for creating a range of delicacies, starting from steaks to sauces, to soups.

In this article, we’re telling you why you should start keeping a stack of good-quality copper cookware on your kitchen shelves.

  1. Excellent Heat Conduction 

One of the main reasons why cooks and chefs are obsessed with copper cookware is because their heat conduction abilities are one of a kind. When compared to iron cookware, which takes quite a lot of time to get up, copper cookware warms up easily. Not only that, but it also reaches precise temperatures with ease, which can be hard to do with cookware that’s made of other materials. Copper cookware also cools down just as fast as it heats up, making it ideal for creating delicate sauces that need little but high heat and call for frequent temperature changes. 

2. Uniform Distribution of Heat 

Copper cookware not only heats up quickly, but the heat is distributed evenly as well. The even distribution of heat makes copper cookware perfect for the “browning” or “crusting” process, which involves crispening the top of meats and vegetables before cooking them, to preserve juiciness and flavor. The even heat distribution also makes them an alternative to non-stick pans. This is another reason why copper cookware wins against other utensils since cookware made of other materials such as aluminum, tends to heat unevenly, with some parts getting hotter than others. 

3. Antibacterial And Germ-Free Features

Most people don’t know this but the usage of copper utensils is common in cultures all over the world, primarily due to their antibacterial properties. The surface of copper is antimicrobial and it inherently prevents the growth of harmful microbes, including fungi, germs, and more, and kills them rapidly (often within an hour or two) This is a major reason why many people all over the world tend to store water in copper utensils. The usage of copper in the dairy industry, as well as in the production and refinement process of cheese, cognac, and more consumables can be attributed to the antimicrobial and antibacterial properties of copper. 

4. They’re A Sight To Behold On The Table and Shelves  

It is a known fact that people eat with their eyes first. The visuals of a dish arguably contribute more to the appeasement of one’s appetite than tasting the actual food. So, safe to say, presentation is an important part of the culinary world. That is why copper cookware is highly preferred by cooks and chefs. Their one-of-a-kind, soft yet gleaming shine makes them stand out both on the dining table as well as in the kitchen. Regardless of the kind of cuisine, you’re making, whether it’s French or Indian, copper cookware is suitable for it all. 

5. Great Longevity

Unlike most other forms of cookware, such as the commonly used non-stick pots and pans, good-quality copper cookware can last you a really long time. With just a bit of careful maintenance, copper utensils will last for a long time, and you can continue to use them year after year. In the case of other cookware, the upper layer tends to wear off with time, thus ruining the effectiveness of the item. However, this isn’t the case with copper cookware. But it is important to remember here that if you want your copper utensils to last, you’ll have to take proper care of them. This means following the right cleaning guidelines, not using highly corrosive soaps or cleaners, using lukewarm water, and more. 

6. Easily Portable

Other than being long-lasting, copper cookware is also easy to carry. They are incredibly lightweight, making them easy to carry around. Unlike iron cookware which is heavy and cumbersome to use, copper cookware is light. But at the same time, it isn’t flimsy or weak like aluminum utensils, and you don’t have to worry about copper pans tipping over when you’re cooking, which is often the problem with aluminum cookware.

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