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The 14 Funniest Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow



Instagram is a social media platform where one can promote their business or brand, either in organic means or when they buy buy Instagram followers and likes. There are many strategies to get followers, such as using influencers, buying likes with Leoboost, using memes, and funny content. There are various funny Instagram accounts with more than 10k followers. A good way to find out which are best is to read reviews over at Likes Geek.

The majority of Instagram users follow at least one or several funny Instagram accounts. Since you can not have enough laughter, this blog highlights 14 funny ig accounts that will keep you happy every day. Sometimes they may distract you from your chores and other tasks. But, a good laugh to lighten up your mood and day is always worth it.

1. Fashion Dads – @fashiondads

With over 170k followers, this funny Instagram account will change your mind if you think your folks are embarrassing. It uses the name Fashion Dads, but many people prefer ‘dad fashion.’ There is a neighboring line of shirts and mugs that display playful catchphrases, respectively.

2. Jeff Hamada – @chillwildlife

Do you know what can bring a smile to almost everyone’s face? Funny animals, mostly cats and dogs, will instantly turn your frown into a giggle. Jeff has created a very funny account with animals of various kinds and species. It has continued to receive more exposure due to a consistent style of posting and online services to increase Instagram likes. You can take a brief stroll to the LeoBoost website for informational blogs on how to increase your ig likes.

3. No Chaser – @nochaser

It was formerly @drunkpeopledoingthings. The name says it all about this wild popular Instagram account. Drunk people are undoubtedly funny, and you will want to visit this account and find out what keeps all the 10k+ followers so hooked. If you are a fellow drunk, prepare to laugh, but if not, you are about to lose your faith in humanity completely.

4. Elliot Tebele – @fuckjerry

When memes came about, it changed many users’ approaches to social media platforms. Memes are now even used by big brands in business promotions. This ig account has amassed a massive audience due to their hilarious memes, text posts, and photos. Despite some of them being controversial, they are quite funny, especially when you dive into the comments section to find some of the funniest and savage responses.

5. Pubity  – @pubity

Over at Pubity, the game is all about three things; memes, culture, and comedy. It is an account where you find any of the Internet’s greatest hits. The account has an unbelievable 26.1 million followers to show for their funny stuff.

6. Yoyoha – @yoyoha

Josh has transformed style and creativity and turned it into humor through coffee cups. This account posts pictures of coffee cups with illustrations hilariously drawn by an expert to keep you laughing. This artist uses his unique creativity to create a series of funny images or drawings on large coffee cups. He is also a popular Instagrammer with his distinctive style of capturing ig users’ attention.

7. Kanye Doing Things – @kanyedoingthings

If you did not know how outrageous and funny Kanye West can be, then this Instagram account makes good of his name by showing him doing things. Well, what things? Many things, really. Kanye’s character does not require any digital trickery to make his life seem more entertaining. He is hilarious across all social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, and others. This account now has over one million followers.

8. Harry Chronic Jr. – @harrychronicjunior

Have you heard about digital wizard Harry Chronic Jr.? If not, he is an Instagrammer who puts his signature touch on a host of photos and videos to attain a highly watchable effect. He keeps the entertainment strong through retro video game graphics, trippy montages, and funny text bubbles. This ig account has over 70k followers with love for the game.

9. Look at This Russian – @lookatthisrussian

Russians are believed to have little to almost no sense of humor at all. It only makes their Instagram feed much funnier. This account features Russian citizens in a bizarre glory. You might think the funny pictures and videos posted here might be fiction. More than 930k followers may like saying “look at this Russian” as they scroll through the feed.

10. Vegar Landsverk – @funnywhenitswrong

With over 800k followers, this account has become a one-stop destination for viral videos and funny Instagram memes. Landversk makes the use of gut-busting captions that attract even a bigger audience.

11. Dr. Fakenstein – @drfakenstein

This account now has over 200k followers who are entertained by the funny photos and videos. Have you ever wondered how Dwayne Johnson’s head might look atop Patti Labelle’s body? You can follow Dr. Frankenstein for such and more funny pictures.

12. Anna Macfarlane – @kidsaretheworst

Kids can be annoying at times, but at the same time, hilarious. You, as a parent, would love to see kids who might be worse than your own. This account is filled with funny memes and videos about kids. Kids may be the worst, but it is okay to laugh at the scenes they create.

13. Ex Texts – @textsfromyourex

Are you dealing with an annoying ex in your life? This account posts texts that are relatable to hard relationships, break-ups, and make-ups, which are the most annoying. This account will equip you with plenty of material to bounce back with when an ex decides to ruin your mood.

14. Claudia Oshry – @girlwithnojob

Claudia is a funny and unique individual. This account will put a smile on your face with very funny jokes and memes directed towards women. It is quite fun to scroll through the feed for many relatable memes to women.

The world is facing hard times, and most people are falling into depression. With the current increased use of social media platforms such as Instagram, you can use these platforms to take a break from a tiring day and have a laugh. Laughter makes people look more lively and vibrant.

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