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The Gin Joint Now Offering Drink Mixers Kits for Home Use



Credit: Miguel – Holy City Handcraft

While there is nothing better than sipping a hand-crafted cocktail inside the quaint 49-seat bar on East Bay, The Gin Joint has created a close second — Introducing ‘The Gin Joint at Home,’ a line of drink mixers designed to bring The Gin Joint cocktail bar to your home.

The kits, which can be delivered to your doorstep if you are inside the delivery radius or picked up at The Gin Joint, are designed to provide cocktail lovers with everything needed (sans alcohol) to craft a unique cocktail experience in the comfort of the home.

Each mixer is batched with the freshjuices and house made syrups for the same quality drink served at the bar. The kits are available in several size options to allow the customer to mix and match a few cocktails after work, or batch a whole drink for easy party hosting. As an added touch for the folks who wish to partake in an alcohol free libation – each kit can easily be crafted into ‘mocktails’ with the addition of soda water, which is included in each kit.

“These kits will allow home cocktail enthusiasts or anyone interested in quick, easy but unique cocktails to make at home for themselves or to impress guests,” said co-owner James Bolt. “We made very popular Gin Joint cocktails that would normally require a lot of ingredients into very simple mixers that anyone can easily use.”

The kits can be purchased online at and will be available for pickup or delivery each Friday. The first delivery and pickup day will be Friday, February 5th.

“At the beginning of our COVID lockdown we had a lot of people reach out to us about how they could have Gin Joint cocktails at home,” co-owner Wells Bolt said. “We shared recipes, made suggestions on making syrups to pair with spirits they already had, and offered advice on how to elevate or change up drinks they were already making. There was clearly a market and a want for more, thus the idea of elevated, fun, Gin Joint style mixers came to life.”

How it Works

Each Sunday the week’s kit options will be updated and available to purchase on the site. Orders will be available to place through Thursday morning. Kits will be available for a limited local delivery or pick-up at The Gin Joint on Fridays. Each mixer kit will give you a description of the drink, what’s in the mix, any garnishes it will come with, as well as spirit suggestions. Kits will be available in 4, 8, 12, and 16 drink portions. We suggest mixing and matching several smaller kits for a variety of cocktails, or a larger kit for entertaining with a punch like batch.

What’s in the Kit?

Each kit contains your chosen mixer, garnish, and any other components needed for your drink (soda water, egg whites, etc.). Your kit will also include spirit suggestions to add to your mixer and instructions on making single portions or mixing the entire kit as one large batch.

How Do I Get My Kit?

All ‘The Gin Joint at Home’ mixer kits are available for a limited local delivery or pick-up at The Gin Joint each Friday. When placing your order for a kit, you will need to specify if you would like your kit delivered or if you will be picking your kit up at The Gin Joint. If you are outside of our delivery range, delivery will not be an option available for you at check out. While we hope to add shipping in the future, we do not currently offer shipping.

What are the Drink Options?

While The Gin Joint plans to switch up the cocktails often, the first round of libations will include the following options:

Parlor Trick

What’s In The Kit: Lime juice, Celery juice, “Chartreuse Water”, Homemade Tonic Syrup, & Fresh Thyme Garnish

Suggested Spirit: Gin, but it is also good with Tequila!

You’re Killing Me Smalls

What’s In The Kit: Marshmallow Syrup, Lemon, Cardamon-Grape Syrup, Passionfruit, “Campari”, with Marshmallow & Rosemary Garnish.

Suggested Spirit: Gin – Barrel Aged if you’re adventurous (Also good with rum or whiskey)

Tokyo Rose

What’s In The Kit: Strawberry Syrup, Citrus, Lavender, & Honey

Suggested Spirit: Whiskey, Blended Japanese Whisky if you want to get technical. (Also good with Tequila, Gin or Rum)

To learn more about the cocktails, delivery radius, or to purchase a kit, visit

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