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5 Lesser Known Facts about Diamonds



Diamond is one of the most expensive and beautiful gem-stone widely used in jewelry. Its hardness and ability to shine brightly makes is adorable and first preference of many people. There are several facts about diamonds. Most of them are known to people, but there are some lesser known facts about diamond jewelry.

Here are 5 diamond jewelry facts. If you are a diamond jewelry lover, then you must know these interesting lesser known facts about diamond.

  1. Diamonds are Tears of Gods

    Several cultures and religions have different thinking about diamonds. In Romans and Greeks, diamonds are believed to be tears of gods. They were believed to fall from the sky in the form of shooting stars. In addition to this, it is also said in Romans and Greeks that the cupid’s arrow is tipped with diamond. Thus making diamonds a symbol of love and romance. Eventually, this means that gifting someone diamond jewelry shows your love and care towards them. On the other hand, buying diamond jewelry for yourself attaches you to the almighty.

  2. Synthetic Diamonds Are Widely Used in Modern Jewelry

    Lab Grown diamonds are identical to mined diamonds. They physically, chemically and optically resemble natural diamonds. Instead of earth’s slow process, these diamonds are made under same heat and pressure using machines. These diamonds are comparatively cheaper and available easily.

Synthetic diamonds are one of the main components of modern jewelry. They create the same sparkling jewelry as mined diamonds at almost half price. Some of the lab grown diamond rings are getting popular among millennial. The lab grown diamond rings have become the perfect gift for birthdays and anniversaries. However, you might get fooled by synthetic diamonds in place of original diamonds. So make sure to check the diamond properly if you are planning to buy a natural one.

  1. Diamond Cuts Diamond

    ‘Diamond’ is derived from a Greek word “adamas”, which means something that cannot be destroyed. As you must know, diamond is the hardest substance on earth. This makes diamond jewelry highly durable. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about even scratches on your diamond piece. You’ll need a diamond to even put a scratch on a diamond.

  2. Diamond Jewelry Protects its Wearer

In ancient times, Hindus used diamond as eyes of statues of their gods and goddess. In present time too, it is strongly believed that wearing a diamond protects a person from dangers. This is one of the main reasons why Hindus wear diamond jewelry. It protects its wearer from physical damages and evil spirits.

  1. Diamond Were a Symbol of Courage in Battle

    In the era of wars between kingdoms, diamond possessed a very important psychological value. All the main leaders of the battle used to wear diamond jewelry. It was believed that diamond protects them and boosts their courage and strength. This was the main reason why most of the kings didn’t wear off their diamond jewelry even in battles.

Last Words

These were some of the lesser known facts about diamond jewelry. We hope you found something new and interesting. There are several other facts about the beliefs of different people about diamond jewelry. But the one mentioned above are the most interesting and logical.

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