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What Can Get Your SSDI Case Denied



If you attend a Social Security Disability hearing and you are denied benefits, you may think that there is no way to gain SSDI approval. Denial can be a huge setback, especially if you are not able to secure a job that provides enough money to take care of all your living expenses.

The SSDI appeals and application process is often lengthy, so you may be especially disappointed after receiving the Social Security Administration’s decision. Lack of evidence and/or a disability that doesn’t completely prevent you from working is the main reason the Social Security Administration may deny your claim.

It’s important to know what can lead to a denial, so keep this important information in mind for your next application process or your appeal.

What’s Next? 

Your Social Security Disability benefits provide you with financial security both now and in the future while you are unable to maintain full-time employment. If you were denied this right and aren’t making money, the denial could significantly affect you.

One of the main reasons your application may be denied is because you didn’t hire an attorney to work with you. The SSDI application process is not simple, and you are likely to miss many steps along the way. But, you don’t have to give up. You can appeal your denial, even if the denial occurred at an SSDI hearing.

When you dispute the SSDI’s decision, your case is then filed with the Appeals Council. The council reviews the Social Security Administration’s decision and notifies you of the outcome. If you are denied again, you can appeal by taking the matter to the Federal District Court.

It may be best to start a new claim if you have evidence of changes in your medical condition. Your new claim is more likely to be approved.

Reasons You May Have Been Denied 

According to statistics, only 30% of individuals who apply for Social Security Disability benefits are approved. Review these reasons for denial so you’ll be better prepared for your appeal.

SSDI claims are often denied because individuals don’t provide enough evidence to support their application for financial assistance. You have to submit proof that your disability is so severe that you can not work.

Provide medical records that will verify that your medical condition prevents you from gainful employment. The Social Security Administration also needs to see that you are visiting your doctor regularly for treatment and management of your disability.

Your records will show how your disability impacts your daily life and stops you from securing employment. You can ask your physician to give you a medical note that you can submit to your employer as well.

Be sure to keep all your notes and records in one place so you can present these documents when you file your Social Security Disability claim. If you’ve had to take time off work because of your injury and your doctor provided you a note verifying this, this should be included in your claim.

Provide as much evidence as you can to boost your chances of getting SSDI approval. Once you have all the necessary documents, take them to a disability attorney who can thoroughly evaluate each form and make sure you have sufficient evidence before you start or restart the appeal process. If you need help, you can contact a VA attorney here.

If you’ve applied for Social Security and your application has been denied, there are several Social Security disability areas a lawyer can help you with. You can follow the link if you want to learn more about these laws as they pertain to your case. As for the Australian counterpart which is NDIS, specialist support coordination assistance is needed to avoid such issues. When it arrives to that, consulting a lawyer who specialises in this area would be helpful.

It’s best to hire an attorney as soon as possible to assist you in disputing the Social Security Administration’s decision so you can fill out the proper forms, fill them out with accurate information, and turn the documents in on time to increase your chances of receiving Social Security benefits.

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