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Brilliant Master Bedroom Decor That Are Perfect For Small Rooms



If you’ve been stuck with a master bedroom that’s on the smaller side, you might be wondering how you can transform your space into one that still feels luxurious and comfortable. Picking out the right mattress size for your space, selecting furniture that is functional and the right 612dimensions for your room, and being sure not to overly clutter your space can all help contribute to a room that looks and feels wonderful.

Smaller bedrooms are a creative challenge, but a lot of getting them right involves understanding how dimensions can play a powerful role in how we perceive space. Picking the right sized furniture and being clear about the plan for your bedroom can take you a long way in your decor project. Here are some master bedroom decor ideas that you’re going to love no matter what size the space:

To Start: Find The Right Mattress Size

One of the key parts of setting up a master bedroom that doesn’t feel stuffy or look overly crowded is by picking the right mattress size for your room.

For smaller rooms that are shared between two people, a queen mattress size or full mattress size is going to do the job of keeping your space looking spacious while staying comfortable. If you live on your own, you can decide to go even smaller, since a twin mattress size works just as well for single sleepers.

The key rule to keep in mind when picking out a mattress size for your space is to find something that permits two feet between your bed and the rest of your room. This is going to ensure you have enough space to keep your room looking comfortably spacious.

Next Step: Pick A Decor Style

A cohesive bedroom decor theme can do wonders to how your space looks and feels. Minimalist bedroom decor works naturally well in smaller spaces, since the approach is about being intentional and functional about your space.

Modern and contemporary bedroom decor can also work really well in smaller spaces, since these bedroom decor styles are about zeroing in on interesting accent pieces, rather than overcrowding your space.

Whatever the decor style you end up going with, try and be consistent throughout your bedroom for a space that’s left feeling cohesive and speaks to your personal style.

Finally: Add Accents That Up The Cozy Factor

One of the most difficult things to achieve in a smaller master bedroom is finding bedroom decor that looks intentionally cozy, and not shabby or thrown together. One way you’re going to be able to ensure that your space looks intention is by picking out a couple of accents that look like they belong to your space.

Be sure to pick out bedroom furniture that’s sized for your space – if you’re after a certain type of bedroom rug, be sure it doesn’t overtake the bedroom. A simple throw, blanket, or rug can really pull together a space, so be intentional about the way you choose these pieces, and your bedroom is going to have the commanding impact of a master bedroom, even when it’s on the smaller size.

From finding the best mattress you can, to choosing a bedroom decor style that speaks to you, smaller bedrooms can actually be a really fun creative challenge. The key to getting these right is by making a plan before you start buying bedroom furniture, which will help you resist the temptation of getting excited and buying more than your space can really take.

You’ll be left with a space that feels put together and thoughtfully designed before you know it.

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