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Types of security guard services

The role of every security company is to provide a full range of services, both for individual clients and for the commercial sector (enterprises, warehouses, offices, etc.). There are different types of security guard services, and depending on the goals of a client, it can be on-site static guard security, mobile patrols, alarm response security.

Let’s dive into more details on some of these security tactics:

Reliable and instant alarm response. Taking pains to ensure excellent protection of a particular object, you can invest in the installation of the alarm equipment at a facility that requires the services of a proficient and dedicated security guard. Hiring a mobile alarm response security officer, you ensure yourself with peace of mind since at the moment of penetration into the protected area or committing other lawbreaking actions, the alarm will immediately notify the contractor company. And after the system is triggered, a mobile group will be able to stop illegal activity and detain the perpetrator thanks to the quick response, specifically equipped security patrol vehicles, and a professional attitude that is designed to minimize potentially harmful and dire consequences from the act of crime.  Such a security strategy will be highly effective, as the most modern engineering and technical security systems are used in solving customer issues. You can read more about international security.

On-site guarding services. It includes the constant presence of security personnel directly at the protected facility. Typical duties of an on-site guard are organizing access control for commercial and public facilities, monitoring the situation, detecting illegal behavior (vandalism, stealing, trespassing), and instantly responding to emerging threats. Patrolling can be planned along specific routes with the required frequency. Strengthening the security approach with electronics (for example, video surveillance systems, motion sensors, etc.) will drastically improve protection efforts without attracting additional employees.

Static event security guards Sydney services. Apart from corporate services for monitoring and protecting offices, warehouses, or storage facilitates, there is an option for large event security where the support of the agency is an essential component for ensuring a safe environment for all participants.

Required qualifications for security guards

A security professional works in a variety of places where protection is required, performing the following duties:

  • ensuring the safety of the customer’s assets, property, territory, etc.;
  • patrolling and inspecting the surrounding area;
  • work with a video surveillance system;
  • monitoring alarm systems;
  •  suppression of attempts of stealing;
  • control over the observance of law and order;
  •  managing and solving conflict situations.

To be able to deal with these key objectives, a security guard must possess essential skills and the personal traits which makes a guard a true professional:

  • psychological resistance to any stressful situations and potentially dangerous impacts in order to competently cope with unexpected or extreme events;
  • no bad habits since any addiction that can interfere with the conscientious performance of the duties must be excluded entirely;
  •  attentiveness that guarantees the highest quality of security guard services;
  • the vacancy requires a good long-term memory and attention to detail for overseeing suspicious human behavior and for quick reaction to changes in the environment.

In addition, based on the fact that the main task is to prevent danger, property loss, robbery, it is vital that the security guard has analytical skills to be able to assess the circumstances, anticipate the development of events, and find the right solution to avoid deleterious effects. Self-discipline is an equally important quality for the successful fulfillment of the job. Among the skills, it is also crucial to properly handle specialized equipment, be able to provide first aid, and the ability to correctly use video surveillance systems.

Tips on how to choose security guards Sydney services

The guarantee of property security is one of the basic needs of businesses at all times. Today, these problems are still relevant, so the demand for security guard services is growing every year. Harsh competition on the market contributes to the appearance of a huge number of specialized security firms and organizations that offer their security support. Unfortunately, there are many unscrupulous and not fair agencies, so you should select a contractor very carefully, paying attention to the following selection criteria.

Expertise and integral services. When choosing a private security company, pay attention to such indicators of trustability as the experience, a track record of success, and how long the particular company operates on the Australian market. Since competition in the security services market forces companies to constantly work on their reputation, you, as a potential client, probably, will have all the necessary information online. It is also necessary to ask a potential security company about the readiness to provide a comprehensive service for you: (installation of equipment, its maintenance, 24/7 monitoring, the rapid response in case of an emergency).

Costs. Avoid picking the most expensive proposal, as the price does not always mean excellency, customer-oriented approach, and commitment to quality. At the same time, the choice should not fall on the cheapest services, as it can be a warning sign that the company saves on some aspect of security strategy.

Check social proof. To be 100% sure that you invest in the right people, ask a representative of a security agency about the number of clients and their recommendations. A good agency will never hide this data but rather be proud of it. Read reviews on Google. There is a chance that you will stumble upon negative feedback and poor ratings that dishonest firms would prefer to keep silent about.

Verify licensing and accreditation. Each security firm must be licensed to provide services. Don’t skip the verification procedure of license: you can browse a website or ask the agency to show it to you in person.

Look for flexibility. In addition, the company must have a sufficient number of personnel to promptly fill the manpower gaps if necessary.

The tactics and strategies differ, however, the concept is the same: to deter threats and establish security to meet the needs of every consumer. Entrusting the most valuable assets and property to security professionals of UVS Group, you choose peace of mind, long-term partnership, and security methods tailored to your specific needs. Apart from the mentioned above security offers, you can also consider K9 security and guard dog security or social distancing control to meet the legal requirements and eliminate the spread of Covid-19.

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