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Online Bingo With Money, Quarantine Style




If you’ve had the chance to play bingo with family and friends, you’d know how relaxing and fun the game can be. But with everyone under quarantine, online bingo is the way to go; and there are sites just for bingo. It is just as entertaining but not really as social. That said, you can reap some awesome benefits with online bingo using real money.

From trusted bingo platforms to promotions and offers, this article has all the information you need about playing real money bingo online. To kick off our guide, we will list the top reasons why people enjoy online bingo.

Reasons for playing real money bingo

If you’ve tried free bingo and decide that you want to play bingo for real money, then you’re probably curious about the advantages of it. Other than for the thrill of it, people like playing bingo for real money because of several other reasons including the offers and rewards, online interaction, and the potential to strike the big prize.

For most online bingo gamers, the anticipation that rises with every number and the adrenaline rush of hitting a bingo is what they always come back for. Together with the opportunity for online interaction and the chance to win big, it is no wonder why people enjoy it.

If you choose the right bingo site that gives its patrons great deals and bonuses, you’ll find that you can still win cash without winning the bingo game itself. However, a caveat must be included here to warn potential players that it is more likely that you lose money in the long-term than win due to a high house edge in bingo. So don’t play real money bingo if your goal is to earn some cash instead of just enjoying the emotional roller coaster ride that is bingo.

Top-rated bingo games with real money

The variety of bingo games have expanded thanks to the widening fan base. Most bingo games mainly change the method of winning and the number of balls used, leading to a myriad of games from the conventional bingo to the more crazy modern ones.

The 90-ball bingo is the most conventional version with 90 balls and 15 numbers on a ticket. To win, you have to either be the first to get a row of numbers, two rows of numbers, or all 15 numbers (known as a Full House). The 90-ball bingo can be found in nearly all the top real money casino platforms.

Then we have the next variant, the 75-ball bingo which is most popular in the US and in North America. With 75 balls, there are 25 slots on a ticket and a variety of ways to win. One way of winning is to get an X pattern of slots crossed before your competitors. Other ways include the one- or two-rows or the full 25 slots, of course, the prize money differs.

Other variations of the game include the 30- and 80-ball bingo, bingo blast, and progressive bingo. Some online bingo casinos let you play all of these variations of bingo with real money and some even offer jackpot for added enjoyment.

Online bingo on devices

Then there are the bingo sites that either let you play on your mobile devices on the internet or require an application to be downloaded first. Usually, these platforms make the game available on plenty of devices like iPhone, iPad, and Andriod devices.

Finding an online Bingo site

To begin playing bingo online for money, start by choosing a bingo site that is a fan-favorite or one of the top-rated ones. But be careful as although there are other bingo platforms out there, and not all of them can be trusted.

Then proceed to create an account. You will likely need to produce a username and a password, and give personal data like your name and nationality. This will only take you a few minutes.

Once you have an account, the next step would be to add some money to it. You can do so via card, PayPal, Bitcoin, etc.

Whichever site you choose, take the chance to interact with other players who share the same interest as you and just enjoy yourself.

If you do end up winning, the last step is to withdraw the cash you won by going to the cashier and seeking a payout. More advanced casinos will let customers receive their payout the same way that they made the initial deposit.

These steps are easy to follow but if you do encounter an issue, you can always contact customer service for help.

Tips and tricks for online bingo

We may have said that you should not expect to win money in the long run, and we still stand by that, but it would still be great to know how to win more.

First and foremost, you should ensure that you find a reliable casino before you start playing bingo with real money. The last thing you’d want is to place your money in the hands of a casino without a license to gamble. In such instances, even if you commit to fulfilling the promotions and win the bingo games, don’t be surprised if you end up not receiving your payout. There are plenty of reliable platforms out there yet you will surely benefit from taking extra caution to avoid those fishy ones.

Next, there is a plus side to the high house edge of these bingo sites, the awesome promotion and deals. Often times, these casinos will have huge deals for new players and continuous promotions for the long-timers. If you decide to commit to the promotion schedule, the prizes and money up for grabs will be worth your efforts.

When deciding how many tickets to get, some only get one chance to let their luck shine while others get a stack of them to increase their chances of a bingo. These are unproductive strategies. What you should do is decide based on the number of players in the room. If there are only several players, one or two tickets should suffice. If there are a lot of other players, consider buying more tickets to increase your chances of winning.

Lastly, everyone who gambles using real money is advised to abide by the bankroll management rules so as to prevent carelessness and the loss of excessive money. Without a bankroll, you risk losing large amounts of money from only a few rounds of bingo.


With all this information, you should be ready to start your bingo journey using real money. It is important to keep in mind that winning money should not be your main motivation for playing bingo as the chances of that happening is close to zero in the long run. The true benefit you can reap is the enjoyment of being part of the bingo community and enjoying the occasional rewards. That’s all the tips for this article and good luck on your bingo journey.

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