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Top News Apps That Are Free Today



News consumption has shifted from newspapers and news websites to aggregator apps. A lot of people have no time to search for specific news websites and as a result, they are turning to apps. Finding the right applications however, remains a challenge. There are a lot of things that you should consider when picking a news app. There are a lot of features that you need to consider when looking for any app whether it is a real money online casino app or a news app.  Here are the best apps that we have selected for you.

Google News

Most people use this app because it is straightforward. It relies on several contextual frameworks to catch stories that interest you. This app lets you configure your preferences, also Google can figure out what you like when you just use it. You can also sync your paid subscriptions on Google news. Also, there is an option that lets you read magazines as well. The app can also let you download articles so that you can read them later. If you want to save your battery, you can also activate the dark mode. The app also has a section called Your Briefing, the section has relevant news that you can read in the morning.

Microsoft News

Microsoft News is similar to Google News. The app can learn your interests when you use it, just like what Google News does. It can tell which sources you like after you use it. The app also has an option for you to customize the topics that you like and it also lets you search for other topics that may interest you. In addition to that, the app also keeps you up –to date with what is happening in your area through its tab called Local News. For example, if you want to hear news about casino joka casino en ligne, you can filter the settings by keyword so that you don’t miss the news about it.


This app is amazing because it takes a visual approach. You will have a proper page flip if you use this app.

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