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8 Unexpected Benefits of LED Light



Today, every house has LED light bulbs. They last longer than traditional bulbs, come in different designs, are smaller in size, and are more controllable in color and brightness. They are also brighter than traditional bulbs and light up instantly. These are all known benefits of LED lights, but there is even more! Here are some unexpected and unknown benefits of LED light.

1. They Are Energy-Efficient

Most LED lights can operate on low voltage and are more energy-efficient than incandescent lights. Incandescent lights are 20% efficient because 80% of their power turns into heat, while LED lights 10-20% only turn into heat and the rest into light, making it more efficient. Their durability, as they last 25 times longer than incandescent lights, makes them even more energy-saving.

2. You Can Grow Indoor Plants with LED Lights

There’s always new technology in horticulture, which is the science and art of growing plants. One of the latest technologies, called LED grow lights, uses special LED lights to grow indoor plants. A gardener and grow lights reviewer at states that they work well with plants because their colors can be customized to the exact colors the plants need. He adds that good LED grow lights can make plants grow better than any other types of grow lights.

3. They Have Benefits Similar to Sunlight

Did you know you can adjust LED lights to mimic sunlight? It’s true! Sunlight helps regulate the sleep-wake cycle, also known as the circadian rhythm, and by setting the right color, brightness, and intensity of LED lights, you can get the same benefits from them. So the presence of sunlight or LED lights will make you more energetic and the absence of them at night will help you sleep better.

4. They Produce Less Ultraviolet Rays

The small amount of ultraviolet (UV) that penetrates the earth’s atmosphere, is known to be very harmful. It can cause skin cancer, sunburn, and can damage your eyes and the immune system. Some types of lights emit UV rays but LED lights create a very small amount and emit even less because the phosphors within the lamp turn ultraviolet light to white light.

5. They Are Safer

As we mentioned before, LED lights turn less energy into heat and so they don’t get hot after long use. So the Christmas LED lights won’t burn your hands. LED lights are also less likely to break, and are more durable, because they’re not coated in glass, like other types of lights.

6. They Work Well in Cold Temperature

Most electric bulbs emit excess heat which causes them to crack when the temperature is low. That doesn’t happen with LED lights, on the contrary, they excel in cold weather up to -50C. That makes LED lights suitable in cold weather and are also used in refrigerators and cold storage facilities.

     7)   More Visible – Better Performance

LED lights give light much more significantly than other types like incandescent lights. It’s probably a given that more visibility equals better performance in all fields. A  well lit up clinic, workstation, or store will result in better performance by the workers. A study conducted on elementary education proved that a better-lit environment led to higher academic performance. It could be for a number of reasons including that better lighting improves the mood.

     8)   They Reduce Anxiety and Headaches

As we mentioned before, there are certain LED lights that are good for your circadian rhythm. They help you sleep better which has an effect on decreasing anxiety. They are also good for anxiety because they are an alternative to stepping out in the sun, an option that not many people have. Many health and design experts say that the wrong lighting induces stress, but LED circadian lights actually have a positive impact on your mood.

Dim and flickering in traditional lights, is known by experts to induce headaches and migraines. LED lights, on the other hand, have a consistent and eye-pleasing brightness, making them more superior and less likely to trigger headaches than traditional bulbs like fluorescent lights.

Now that you know many of the benefits of LED lights, you can make the choice to include them in your home. They are cost-effective, adjustable and durable but they also have other benefits. Their energy-saving properties make them ideal, as well as other features like emitting much fewer UV rays, being good for work and school performance and sleep. Add to that they can reduce headaches and anxiety.

If you are interested in gardening, you can get special LED lights from a horticultural marker and use them in planting and growing plants. They are truly a ground-breaking innovation.

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