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3 Ways American Students Can Express Their Identity



Why is self expression important? Self-expression describes how you share your identity, thoughts, and feelings with other people. It is the way you express your individuality through words, fashion, or even art. It is an essential skill that all students must possess. It is vital because it will make you more productive both inside and outside the classroom. Students who have better self-expression skills are better communicators, they have more confidence when they socialize with their peers and teachers.

Expressing Your Identity through Writing

As a student in the United States of America, you will encounter many theories, concepts, and topics. It is not enough to only understand an idea or topic, your ability to express your knowledge of it in writing is just as important. As such, you will be required to compose essays to demonstrate that you fully comprehend these topics.

These essays will differ in style and depending on your discipline, which can sometimes make essay writing a bit complicated. You will find that access to a lot of essays examples for American students can be very helpful. These free essay samples can make the writing process easier for you. A free essay sample will provide a template that you can utilize as a guide when you are writing an essay.

The essays you will write as a student will be a channel to interact with your teachers, other students, and the world in general. They will be your personal way of conveying your thoughts, ideas, opinions, and even emotions. Your essays should be one of the most effective methods you use for self-expression. Being able to express your identity through well-written articles will help you attain your full potential and perform excellently academically.

A well-written essay should focus on a central idea. It should plainly explain this idea, and each paragraph should drive home a clear point. This fundamental idea should be expanded gradually from one paragraph to the next. Every section should be related to the central idea that is the foundation of the essay.

As a student, you must be cautious when writing essays, so you don’t include pieces that do not have any relevance to the central idea. Your paragraphs should follow each other logically to create a flow that will make the essay easy to read and comprehend. Of course, all your articles should be written in complete sentences and standard, concise, and error-free English. There are numerous essay examples free of charge that can be found online.

Expressing Your Identity through Speaking

Speech is another primary channel through which you express your identity as a student. Whether it is speaking in the classroom environment or in a more social setting, the words you say and the manner with which you tell them can be a potent tool to express your identity. You share yourself when you discuss your ideas, thoughts, and opinions with your peers.

Having well-developed speaking skills as a student will significantly improve the quality of your conversations and presentations. You will find that you will more quickly develop profound connections in your relationships, whether it be with your friends or your teachers.

Expressing your identity though speaking will also help you learn more about yourself as it involves reflecting on your core self and learning from it creatively. This process will make you a better student, friend, and overall better person.

Expressing Your Identity through Fashion

Fashion refers to the style or practice you reflect in your clothing, your choice of footwear or accessories, style of makeup. As a student, fashion is perhaps the most overt way through which you express your identity. People will first assess you based on your outward appearance before they even get to meet you on a personal basis. Fashion, therefore, can be a handy tool to project your identity without even having to say a word.

Marc Jacobs once said that “to me, clothing is a form of self-expression. There are clues about who you are in what you wear.”  As a student, what you wear should not only be comfortable, it should also be a reflection of what you feel and what you stand for. If this is the case, you will project the most authentic image of your identity.

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