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Essential Things to Bring in a Muay Thai Class



If you’re a fan of martial arts, then you’ve certainly heard of Muay Thai, a popular combat sport from Southeast Asia. This discipline is experiencing wild success worldwide, prompting enthusiasts to follow professional competitions and sign up for classes. Now, just like any other combat sport, Muay Thai requires its special gear. This article should help get you acquainted with everything you’ll need for your first training session.


Since Muay Thai is essentially a modern version of traditional boxing, training gloves are the first item you’ll need. You should carry a pair that’s fitting, and offers sufficient wrist support and padding, otherwise, you’ll expose yourself to injuries. As a general rule, whenever you’re searching for Muay Thai gear, take the time to consult online reviews and buying guides to make the best possible purchase. Peer recommendations are usually not reliable enough, so do your research to find the equipment you need.

Hand Wraps

You’ll often find Muay Thai fighters wearing hand wraps underneath their gloves. Their purpose is to compress the wrists and knuckles, protecting the soft tissues and bones of your hands. They provide additional support and lessen the force of impact when you punch. Plus, hand wraps have the added benefit of soaking up sweat, which reduces moisture and unpleasant smells.

Shin Guards

A pair of sturdy shin guards will be your best line of defense to shield these sensitive bones. If you’ve ever seen a Muay Thai fight, you’ll know that shins are especially vulnerable when sparring. Amateurs and first-time boxers should be careful when selecting shin guards, so pay particular attention to the fit, coverage, bulkiness, and padding density.

Ankle Guards

Likewise, you’ll want to invest in some ankle guards if you want additional joint protection. The repetitive kicking against training bags and pads can seriously tire your ankles and feet, but these special guards will keep your ankle balanced, steady, and warm. They’re also good to avoid slips.


No Muay Thai amateur or professional wants to receive a punch that knocks their teeth out, which is where mouthguards come in useful. They will keep your teeth and gums safe while sparring and training. You have a choice between either a boil and bite mouthguard, which comes at a one-size-fits-all, or a custom made one that’s better fitting and more durable.

Boxing Headgear

Although you won’t find everyone in your class wearing one, a protective headgear can be extremely useful if you’re worried about getting hit in the head and suffering a concussion. They’re not usually worn in boxing, but extra protection is never a bad thing.

Muay Thai Shorts

Lastly, a great thing about Muay Thai is that it has a relatively lax dress code. Typically, fighters wear loose shorts with a wide leg opening that allows them to practice a full range of kicks. Alternatively, a pair of MMA board shorts will do.


This list could have gone on to include other gear, such as elbow pads, knee pads, or groin protectors. Nonetheless, with the above essentials, you’ll be all ready to step on the mat and learn the art of Muay Thai. Who knows, you may even become a Muay Thai master someday.

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1 Comment

  1. Shawn Defense

    September 24, 2020 at 8:29 am

    What kind of gloves do you recommend?

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