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Ways Restaurants Can Effectively Market to College Students



Do you ever feel like your restaurant is being ignored by college students?

Are you tired of getting rejected by these students? Are you sick of seeing your business failing and always recording poor sales? Do you wish you knew how to make your restaurant business truly resonate with college students, thereby increasing sales?

What if I told you it’s time to learn how to market to college students? Successful restaurants know the fastest way they can be profitable is by prioritizing their marketing strategy. So, without further ado, these are the top or best way to advertise to college students and they are guaranteed to work.

  1.   Have a Social Media Presence

Students in college are more connected than any other generation or group. They are active or trust the information they receive from their social media platforms. Therefore, a restaurant should take advantage of this and have visibility or presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.

On these platforms, you’ll post your menus, recipes, questions, or today’s special. If you leverage social media to your benefit, you’ll attract more customers. Because 62% of students say that for them to become loyal customers a brand or business must engage with them on social networks.

Also by having student Wi-Fi in your restaurant, you’ll be encouraging them to take pictures and tag your restaurant in their posts.

  1.   Sponsor an Event in College

Students don’t only read, write an essay for me, do assignments, or order essay, they take part in the different events, held in college.

For example, if there is a film festival, a cooking class, or a fashion show event. A restaurant can take the initiative to sponsor such events; this means you’ll be exposing your brand to a large audience.

  1.   Do Offer Students Discounts and Coupons

Every college student is conscious of how much money he spends. He doesn’t want to get broke, therefore will always be on the lookout for discounts or coupons.

This is why 64% of them follow a company or brand on Facebook to score a coupon or discount. So, a restaurant that has its meals overpriced won’t win any favors with college students.

It’s great if a restaurant offers such discounts because you’ll attract your target market more.

  1.   Have an Online Food Delivery Service

It’s not always possible for students to be physically in your restaurant. If they are busy getting some college homework help, they can’t be in your restaurant, but you can bring the restaurant to them.

This means that you set up or have a food delivery service. With a majority of these students on their smartphones, they aren’t only searching for academic writers online, but also order food, and you’ll deliver it to their campus.

This is convenient for the busy students, and a win for the restaurant.

  1.   Utilize Micro-Influencers and Food Bloggers

Some popular local influencers or food bloggers can be perfect for advertising or marketing your restaurant. Their honest and positive review of your business and food can bring the right attention to your place.

Because 33% of college students rely mostly on blogs before making a purchase, that food blogger can be the difference between success and failure. Since they enjoy or have a wide following, it’s important to enlist them in your marketing strategy.

A restaurant that’s close to any college must know and utilize these techniques. College students are a great market, if the restaurant is ready for profits and success. You’ll increase your sales and finally fill up those empty seats.

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