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In COVID Lockdown Sex Goes Virtual



The current state of strongly suggested stay-at-home pseudo-quarantine keeping most of us out of harm’s way as Coronavirus sweeps the planet may be an annoyance but it definitely has some upsides. We’re no longer required to wear pants to work, can easily avoid those we never quite managed to intentionally miss in our day-to-day, and don’t have to plaster on a fake smile just to get through a day without incident. With so many normal (and normally obnoxious) parts of life now relegated to the “risk” category, many are seizing the opportunity presented by “lockdown” to expand their experience with virtual reality porn.

Bringing users far more satisfaction than any virtual business meeting can, the VR porn industry is not only surging in popularity and improving technically, it’s becoming more accepted by the mainstream. Just as vibrators were once filthy shameful objects but are now commonplace “health and wellness” products, so too is the idea of sex with a virtual partner earning less of a beady eye than it did just a few years ago. This might have something to do with advancing tech negating the need for additional hardware, awkward add-ons or tools.

Instead of grasping a game-style controller, VR users can now let their eyes, voice, and hands guide their experience. Hand-tracking isn’t the only thing making VR more accessible to neophyte users. Development of “smart skin” substances that aim to provide haptic feedback to VR users without cumbersome peripherals means virtual skin-to-skin contact is almost within reach.

Keeping Intimacy Alive

Couples whose courtship was interrupted by the pandemic, leaving them with no safe means of sharing physical contact, have utilized the same tools as telecommuting workers to keep their intimacy alive. Along with staples Zoom, Skype, Facetime, Snapchat and the like, though, there have been a few key tools to elevate the pleasure gained from non-physical interactions.

Teledildonics is a rampantly accelerating field aiming to create a fluid meeting ground between the traditional sex toy and an AI-equipped smart pleasure applicator that responds purely to your arousal (or lack thereof). For men and women, solo folks and couples, and also for the way-out experimenters, devices like Autoblow AI, Lovense and Kiiroo’s Onyx and Pearl couples devices use Bluetooth app pairing to connect two pleasure products to each other – and two people to each other, no matter the distance. Many of these advanced devices can “read” porn, too, reacting to onscreen action and delivering the same sensations (or trying to) to your most sensitive areas.

Single and Loving It

It’s not all about couples keeping the flame alive, though. Single people are finding new ways to get themselves off during the widespread lockdowns. Prominent porn stars are shooting more intimate, personal content for direct sale to subscribers and casual fans. More advanced and much closer to actual sex, however, is VR porn. With sales of VR hardware rising during lockdown and seeing a significant boost upon the launch of Half-Life: Alyx, the first game in the hugely successful series to be offered solely in VR, many newcomers to VR are, naturally, also diving into virtual porn.

The growing number of adult studios now delivering VR content can make any first virtual porn experience a tad overwhelming. Leading adult VR site, showcases a wide range of sexual opportunities provided by VR, for men, women, couples, and adult viewers of all orientations. Adult gamers are presented with immersive 3D gaming experiences unlike anything in the usual 2D and pseudo-3D realms.

Porn Gets More Personal

With many of the homebound running out of Netflix series to devour, and with the overall lack of social interaction putting a kink in everyone’s interpersonal adventures, sex has almost inevitably been placed in the virtual. Anyone seeking dimly lit romantic scenes with tasteful, tender sex can find it. Anyone hoping to enjoy the thrill of a flirty twenty-something begging for their attention easily can. And anyone after something more reminiscent of Eyes Wide Shut, well, they can indulge that desire too. If all else fails there are still lost of lists of the best porn sites you can peruse too!

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