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Greek Yogurt: Slimming Benefit



Fermented milk products are known to be extremely health beneficial. It really helps in many aspects of life, including losing weight. Greek yogurt (which is made in a special yogurt maker) will be very effective in slimming down. We will tell you more about the composition of Greek yogurt and its benefits for slimming in the material.

Greek yogurt ingredients

Once Greek yogurt was quite an exotic product, but now it is available to every consumer. Its unusual flavor is noted by many of those who try Greek yogurt. It’s a little bit islandy, it’s more creamy than others. But it is also very tasty and incredibly healthy, including for weight loss. The fact is, it’s not so caloric because of its low fatness.

It’s rich in calcium, live bacterial cultures. Most of the liquid (whey) is removed from Greek yogurt, lactose volume is reduced and sugar is less. Due to dehydration, the product has a thicker consistency, which is a kind of a plus in the preparation of various dishes.

Greek yogurt contains quite a lot of proteins – a jar of 170 grams contains about 20 grams of protein, which is equal to 70 grams of lean meat. This makes the product attractive for vegetarians. In usual yogurt, there are fewer proteins (about 8-9 grams for the same amount).

As for carbohydrates, they are much less than in regular yogurt – 5-9 grams per serving (in regular yogurt – about 17). Producers also partially remove many carbohydrates, including lactose, which is a benefit for those who cannot tolerate lactose.

But the most important thing is the fat content in Greek yogurt. One jar contains about 16 percent saturated fats. Be sure to take this into account, as saturated fats affect bad cholesterol levels, which negatively affect the cardiovascular system. When choosing Greek yogurt, it is better to buy low-fat and sometimes fat-free ones.

In addition, Greek yogurt contains minerals useful for humans. This is sodium and calcium. Thanks to the consumption of Greek yogurt you can significantly replenish these substances.

The benefits of Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt has certain health benefits. It has almost the same amount of calories as regular yogurt but contains twice as much protein and fewer carbohydrates. It is definitely a weight loss benefit. With this yogurt, you will get more benefits.

Any variant of yogurt can improve health, replenish protein, and calcium. But people who lose weight should pay attention to the caloric value, the amount of fat in the food.

Most people think that Greek yogurt is much better than ordinary yogurt in terms of weight loss. And that’s true, but only if you follow certain rules. In particular, you have to count the calories. In general, you have to reduce calories by 15-20%, reduce fat consumption in the diet, but not eliminate them completely.

There is also a huge amount of yogurt – non-milk, nonfat, high-protein, and so on. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. In this regard, dreaming of losing weight, you should reasonably approach the choice of product, observing the general caloric value.

Useful in diseases

Besides, Greek yogurt can stabilize the sugar level. Therefore, it is recommended to eat it for diabetes mellitus. It is also good for diseases of the cardiovascular system. And due to the content of probiotics increases the protective functions of the body, helping to cope with inflammation in the intestine. Food is much better digested.

Greek yogurt also reduces the risk of osteoporosis and supports weakening muscles. So you should eat Greek yogurt not only if you want to lose weight, but also in general, as it is very useful for the body.

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