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Quicker Ways to Sell a House That Needs Work?



Selling your house is one of the most stressful things we can do in our lifetime, especially when you need to get your house up on the market and sold quickly. Preparing yourself to sell in a quick manner is the best preparation you can do and will help you with a quick turn around, but what are the best ways to sell when your house still needs a bit of work?

Prepare Your House

Despite the fact there’s still work to do on your property, you should still get the house ready for sale. Just because the garage conversion isn’t fully completed doesn’t mean the rest of the house can’t look good. Remember to tidy and declutter wherever possible and make your house look presentable, this way anyone that has come to view your house will be able to imagine themselves living there without having to look past any mess. A good tip here is to take out anything personal to you or your family, it’s harder for a potential buyer to imagine themselves with another person’s family memories everywhere.

Is it the Right Time of the Year to Sell?

Surprisingly enough, selling your house quickly can be affected by what time of year it is, so have a think about when to sell before you put the ‘for sale’ sign up outside the front as it might cost you some time.

Despite what many think, selling your house in the summertime isn’t the best time at all. Families will often stall moving due to the holidays so if you have to sell during this time it’s best to get it up as soon as you possibly can.

Wintertime tends to be the worst of them all to try and sell your house, even if you didn’t want to sell it quickly it’s considered a tough time to do so. Try and hold on for the new year where people have positive thoughts about the year ahead.

Spring is a brilliant time to see as there are loads of potential buyers and families often look for homes for academic reasons. Aesthetically speaking the weather tends to be a bit better giving your home a light welcoming feel for anyone viewing your property and as a nice addition, your garden will look nice in bloom.

The fall is a good time because the weather is still nice and buyers usually want to get in before Christmas time, so make sure you’ve listed your property as early as you can.

Ways to Sell

You can sell your house in a number of different ways, and this can affect the speed of which it is sold. If you have a property in Los Angeles and you want to sell your house the quickest way possible, knowing that there are a few things you still need to do to it, then finding a cash buyer can be your quickest way to a sale. The professionals at – los angeles explain that selling your house quickly doesn’t have to be a stressful situation, being able to sell without doing any costly repairs is an option and there doesn’t always have to be commission involved. Selling your house to a cash buyer means there is no chain and you can end up with a completed transaction within a week.

The other option when selling is by using an agent, if you want this to be a quick process then finding a good agent is imperative to a quick turnaround. Do your research before approaching anyone and find out things such as how much commission they charge and what their fees are, how long they believe it will take for the house to sell and how they will market your property. Using an agent is the lengthier process and will cost you more money, but they might end up getting you a little more money than if you sold to a cash buyer.

Accept the Right Price

Something that can make a house stay on the market for far longer than it needs to is the price it has been listed at. If you’ve set your mind on getting a certain price for your house and you’re the only person that thinks it’s worth that amount then it’s not going to sell. Be open to lower offers and list it at a reasonable price, to begin with, people are far more likely to buy a house if they believe its good value for money.

So if you’re wanting to sell your house quickly, make sure everything is done before you put it on the market, all preparation you do will help make a quick turnaround when a buyer comes along. If you don’t want to use an agent then consider a cash buyer as you can sell your house in a matter of hours and remember, before selling such a large part of your life make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons.

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