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Fight For What’s Yours – How to Get Your Insurance Company to Pay Your Claims



We all have insurance for a reason and there’s nothing worse than having to call your insurance company because something bad has happened and you need to make a claim. In some cases, hundreds of dollars are shelled out every month on insurance alone, so the claims process should be quick and easy, right? It’s unfortunate that some situations don’t turn out quite the way they should do, with some insurers finding legal loopholes so they don’t have to pay out at all.

It’s these kinds of situations we try and avoid, but should you find yourself needing to make a claim and you’re worried about fighting for what’s yours, then there are a few helpful tips to keep you on the right track. 

Act Quickly

If you’re filing a claim for your home, then someone should be with you within 24 to 48 hours of filing the report with your insurance company, these people are called an adjuster and are there to investigate and validate your claim. If you know any contractors that can help you with the problems you are claiming for, then it’s usually wise to have them with you when the adjuster arrives, this way they can walk around the property and advise on what to do and how much things are likely to cost. Don’t worry if the estimation is off, insurers can change the payout if more work is found later down the line. If you don’t know anyone that will be able to help then the insurance company will often have a list of contractors they use to help repair your home.

When it comes to having a car crash, most insurance companies have it written within their contract with you that if a crash occurs, then you are legally obliged to call them immediately (or as quickly as you possibly can). If you don’t do this then it could act against you when trying to file a claim. The best thing you can do post car accident is talking to your insurance company as they usually will be more able to assist you in more ways than you can imagine, this includes breakdown cover and they’re often trained to walk you through any steps you need to take you might have forgotten.

Have Your Inventory Ready & Be Prepared

This has become a step that is no longer an arduous task, but instead, one that shouldn’t take much time at all as long as you are prepared. Having a detailed inventory of what you have in your house, when you bought it, and how much it is worth is a good start when talking to your insurance company because you can immediately give an estimate of how much the contents is going to cost to replace. It’s worth asking your insurance company if they have a smartphone application to use to help with the inventory, it’s worth having every detail written down before an accident happens rather than spending valuable time writing it down after.

If it’s an auto accident you’ve been in then once the police have been called, you should gather every bit of evidence you can about the crash. This includes where the crash is located, all the information about the other parties involved, some photographs, and also try and draw a detailed diagram of events running up to and including the crash. Having the police there will assist you greatly at this stage of the proceedings as they are legally bound to file a police report within 24 hours of the accident. Being prepared with every bit of evidence you can gather will help you with a case for the insurance company, the more information proving you’re not at fault the more likely it is they will pay out.

Understand What is Covered in Your Policy

There are many types of policies and depending on your claim will pay out for different things. Understanding exactly what you can claim for is vital for quick and easy communication between the insurance company, making your claim easier to deal with and more likely successful. A good way to do this is by taking photographs of everything that you want to be covered, these can be individual photos or of entire rooms, this way there are no arguments over anything that is or isn’t on the insurance documents.

When it comes to car insurance, know what kind of cover you have and what is involved. There’s no point in calling your insurance company asking them for roadside assistance and a taxi to come and collect you when it isn’t in your policy. It’s also worth finding out if your insurance company will help with your legal fees if you’re involved in a car accident that needs to be sorted in a court of law.

What if your insurance company is acting like they won’t pay out?

The best way to act against insurance companies that don’t want to pay out is by gaining legal advice, we don’t have the tools that an attorney does to be able to fight an insurance company successfully whether that be our own or a defending party. If we are trying to claim against a large company following a car accident, the professionals a believe that courage is step one to a successful claim. Having a solid legal team in your corner will give you the belief that you are able to stand up for yourself and be able to fight a large corporation, and win! Not only that, but having an attorney on your side will give you valuable knowledge and understanding of your case, giving you the confidence needed to pursue it and gain compensation where possible.

Is there anything I can do to avoid a company that will refuse to pay?

None of us want to find ourselves in a position where an accident has taken place, whether that be in the car or at home, and the insurance company won’t pay out. These kinds of situations leave thousands of people in debt and in some serious cases, without anywhere to live. You do have the ability before taking out any insurance policy to check an insurer’s complaint record, this will enable you to have an idea of what an insurance company is like, how they act in a claim situation, and how they treat their customers.

So don’t find yourself in a situation that will leave you in the lurch, do your research before taking out any insurance policies and if the worst does happen then make sure you follow all the steps for a successful claim, and if all that seems a little too much then seek good legal advice.

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