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How to Get a Free $20 iTunes Gift Card



Free gift cards for iTunes are something each and every Apple customer is looking forward to. The popularity of iTunes such cards can be the best reflected in the fact that the “free gift cards” search term surpasses the number of 70 thousand searches per month.

Nowadays, there are literally thousands of different websites that give the opportunity to claim an iTunes free card. Most of these sites award you with a gift card for performing certain activities, such as filling out certain surveys. So, although it’s not so easy to get a $20 card for free as to claim of  eye of horus free play, with our guide,  you will get familiar with some of the most effective ways to get the iTunes gift card.

Getting an iTunes Gift Card

There are several ways of acquiring this card, and all of them can be divided into several main types:

  • Survey websites
  • Cash-back websites and apps
  • Receipt scanning apps
  • Referral program websites
  • Test drives.

The majority of surveys you will come across comes from the companies that are specialized in the field of market research. After completing the survey, you usually receive a certain amount of points, which can be exchanged for a gift card.

Cash-back apps and websites award each customer that services or products through their portal link with a certain number of points, which can later be redeemed for an iTunes gift card.

If you use some of receipt scanning apps, you will receive a certain number of points for every receipt scanned. Of course, you can convert these points into some cash on a gift card later.

There are thousands of sites which will pay you in the form of a gift card if you refer your friends, family, and other people to use their services.

Vehicle test drives are a rare form of winning an iTunes card. However, just for performing a swift test drive, you may win a $20, $50 or a $100 worth gift card


iTunesReward, in fact, represents a specialized website where you get the opportunity to win free iTunes cards by performing certain activities, such as downloading various programs or completing various tasks. Since this is a GPT (Get Paid To) type of a website, you would have to collect points by doing the above-stated activities. Later, you can redeem these points for a gift card.

iTunesReward website allows the minimum of 1000 points to be redeemed, and this number of points is worth $10. This further implies that you would need to collect 2000 points, in order to convert them to a $20 iTunes gift card.


One of the most popular survey-based free iTunes gift card websites is known under the name of PointsPrizes. Through this website, you get the opportunity to win gift cards by completing various assignments, such as filling out a certain survey or submitting your e-mail address in order to subscribe to newsletters of a particular company.

The website provides over 10000 different surveys, as well as a dozen of various video ads and free games through which you can collect points. In order to earn $20 to buy an iTunes gift card, you will need to collect 3000 PointsPrizes points.

Given the fact that there are almost countless possibilities to acquire iTunes gift cards, the only thing left for you to do now is to grab your device, start browsing and searching for the method that suits you the most, and you will quickly earn an iTunes gift card, and with it, gain access to your favourite AppStore games and apps!

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